The Anatomy of a True Page-turner as Written by Richard Whitney

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A mysterious situation, a determined and slightly cynical protagonist, and a splash of comedic relief from supporting characters all make for a compelling story. It is a tried-and-true formula that proves to be a hit among reading enthusiasts. Thus, it is the formula that one of PageTurner Press and Media’s bestselling authors, Richard Whitney, uses in his mystery-thriller The Amherst Protocol.

Set in the near future, the book is a fictional look at the future of medicine, technology, and the world in general. It sets the stage for a successful medical breakthrough with the anniversary of the first successful heart transplant and invites readers to explore the possibility of organ cloning.

The main characters of the story are Clay Tucker and Brian Singh—journalists from the Dallas Observer—who are eager to trace the history of the first successful heart transplant and document its successes. However, it is precisely through their interviews that they find something amiss and are able to dig deeper, risking their lives in the process. This premise is what has made book reviewers and readers wanting to read what happens next. Various book reviewers have weighed in on the book and have called it a true page-turner.

A BlueInk Review stated that, “The Amherst Protocol is both an engaging, illuminating science fiction mystery, and a wonderfully paced international conspiracy thriller, packed with suspense.” It further stated that, “Thriller and science fiction fans alike will find plenty to keep them entertained . . .”

In its Foreword Review feature, the main character of the book is dubbed as a skeptic journalist who transforms into an actor on the world stage. This characterization is also seconded by the book’s review in the Pacific Book Review, profiling the main character, Clay, as someone who doesn’t go for commitment. It further describes the book as “A scientific read that captures this advanced near future with fine detail and creates a thrilling component with conspiracy and investigation.”

Richard Whitney has worked in the field of mental health since 1974. He is a licensed psychologist, but he limits his practice to forensic issues. He worked as a forensic examiner in the State of Georgia before opening a private practice. He was also an active member in several response teams, serving citizens in need of medical, physiological, and psychological assistance. His book, The Amherst Protocol, is available in paperback and e-book formats at

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