Kindred enables pioneering gambling education sessions for Rangers FC players in Scotland

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USA – English
Kindred enables pioneering gambling education sessions for Rangers FC players in Scotland

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USA – English

VALLETTA, Malta, Nov. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Kindred will fund independent, groundbreaking gambling education sessions designed specifically for players and staff at Rangers FC in Scotland. The sessions will be led by EPIC Risk Management, a safer gambling consultancy that works with clubs, leagues and federations around the world.  

Kindred Group plc (Kindred) marks this year ten years of collaboration between Kindred and the Scottish football-team Rangers FC. This year, Kindred has dedicated its front-of-shirt sponsorship to its “Zero % Mission” which is a part of the Group’s ambition Journey towards Zero. The ambition’s stated aim is that over time, zero percent of the revenue should be generated from harmful gambling. It also marks the next step in driving towards a better model of sponsorship that benefits sporting organisations and their communities.

The cooperation is the first time a club in the Scottish Premiership works with an organisation such as EPIC to provide independent gambling guidance to their employees and follows EPIC’s work in the English Football League and other leagues across the world. The education sessions will be bespoke, tailored to individual needs, featuring insights from former football players who have experienced gambling-related issues, including some who have played at international level.

“Kindred wants to run a sustainable business built on people enjoying themselves safely. That’s why we have reaffirmed our commitment not only to this project with Rangers, but to our “Journey towards Zero” too. Added to that, we are investing in our technology stack to further develop our sophisticated detection software. This, allied with a greater emphasis on education and safer gambling messaging will help Kindred drive forward its industry-leading model of sponsorship that is benefitting clubs and their communities”, says Sam Mead, UK General Manager at Kindred Group.

“We realise the importance of safeguarding our players and staff and allowing them to discuss issues relating to the sector in a welcoming and understanding environment. That the sessions are led by former football players is a big advantage, going beyond discussing the rule book and adding that key element of relatability. We’re grateful to Kindred – with whom we have a positive, long-term relationship – for funding the sessions that are helping us lead the way in Scotland on this matter”, adds Karim Virani, Chief Commercial Officer, Rangers FC.

“Education is at the heart of EPIC’s offering, underpinned by real-life experiences from those who have lived experience of gambling-related harm. We recognise the importance of the sector to the UK’s leisure industry, and we’re dedicated to providing a bespoke, holistic service that allows participants to share and discuss matters in a safe way. We’re delighted that Rangers are the latest high-profile football club to recognise the importance of protecting their players and staff through preventative education”, concludes Michelle Evans, Senior Sports Partnerships Manager, EPIC Risk Management.

The men’s first team, B-team and women’s teams will participate. Selected academy cohorts will take part separately.


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