Zindigi, MyTM & Cashin to digitize the pilgrimage experience for Pakistanis, pioneering a new era in Hajj convenience

By introducing a cashless solution tailored for Hajj and Umrah, we are setting new standards in convenience and security, fostering an ecosystem where technology and tradition converge.”

— Basir Shamsie, President & CEO of JS Bank

KARACHI, SINDH, PAKISTAN, April 29, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Zindigi, powered by JS Bank & MyTM along with Cashin (KSA), have collaborated to revolutionize payments for Pakistani pilgrims, in support of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. For the first time in Pakistan, this initiative enables a cashless Hajj and Umrah experience, offering ease of transactions with reduced charges and taxes. This landmark initiative not only ensures convenience but also sets a precedent for future advancements in pilgrimage services.The signing ceremony, held at LEAP this year, marked a significant milestone towards achieving the ambitious objectives outlined in Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, aiming to realize 70% non-cash transactions by 2030.

Traditionally, the Hajj journey involves numerous financial transactions, from visa fees to accommodation and transportation. Pilgrims from Pakistan embarking on the Hajj pilgrimage will now benefit from the convenience of using Zindigi Debit cards for all their transactions, ensuring a seamless journey and effortless payments. Zindigi is poised to launch a pilot test project, empowering pilgrims with financial freedom during Hajj 2024 through its debit card.

Basir Shamsie, President & CEO of JS Bank, reflected on the innovative partnership, saying, “This collaboration represents a significant stride towards facilitating the sacred rituals. It not only advances Pakistan’s commitment to financial inclusion but also aligns with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.”By introducing a cashless solution tailored for Hajj and Umrah, we are setting new standards in convenience and security, fostering an ecosystem where technology and tradition converge. This initiative is a bridge that underscores our shared vision for a future where economic and technological progress serves everyone.”

Noman Azhar, Chief Officer of Zindigi, stated, ‘Zindigi exist to make a meaningful impact in the lives of customers beyond borders. This initiative perfectly embodies our vision to offer simple yet impactful financial services. With around 4 million people from Pakistan embarking on the sacred journey of Hajj and Umrah to Saudi Arabia each year, this represents significance of Zindigi’s contribution in facilitating masses. We are excited to be part of such impactful initiatives that resonate with the core purpose of existence.'”
Sheikh Jawad Mahmood, CEO of MYTM LLC in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, heralds the new collaboration with JS Bank and Cashin as a milestone in financial technology. The introduction of the Sullis Product, aimed at serving the ‘Guests of Allah’, is set to revolutionize the pilgrimage experience for Pakistani worshippers by offering a seamless banking service across borders. In alignment with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 for a cashless economy and Pakistan’s strategy to increase financial inclusion, this initiative promises a digitized payment solution that ensures security, advantageous currency exchange rates, and tax-free transactions for Hajj and Umrah pilgrims. More than just a corporate alliance, this venture represents a strengthening of ties between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Omar Al-Rammah, CEO Cashin Saudi Arabia commented, “This partnership represents a significant step forward in our mission to drive digital transformation and financial inclusion as Saudi Arabia continues its journey towards a digital future, we are committed to pioneering solutions that focuses on enhancing pilgrims and tourist payment experience and satisfaction and contribute to the realization of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030. This strategic partnership will leverage Cashin’s cutting-edge payment technology expertise and Zindigi, JS BANK, and MyTM innovative solutions, which aim to simplify the payment experience of pilgrims and tourists.

The signing ceremony was attended by key stakeholders from both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, underlining the commitment to enhancing the Hajj experience through technology. Noman Azhar, Chief Officer of Zindigi, Adeel Hijazi, Chief Marketing Officer of Zindigi, and Rao Umer Farooq, Head of International Business, were joined by representatives from relevant authorities in Saudi Arabia at the signing ceremony. Among the attendees from MYTM were Dr. Sohail Zafar Cheema, Chairman of MYTM Pakistan; Zain Farooq, CEO of MYTM Pakistan; Sheikh Jawad Mahmood, CEO of MYTM Saudi Arabia; Muhammad Usman Khan, CTO of MYTM Pakistan; Iftikhar Shahid, Director of Technology at MYTM LLC Saudi Arabia; Saad Sarwar, Director of Payment System at MYTM LLC Saudi Arabia; Moaz Mirza, Director of Investments at MYTM Pakistan; Talal Mahmood, CFO of MYTM Pakistan. Additionally, present were Omar Al-Rammah, CEO of Cashin, Shaikh Abdul Quddus, Chief Fintech Officer of Cashin, Obay Al-Madi, Chief Business Officer of Cashin, and AbdulKareem Zirk, Chief Technology Officer of Cashin.

This collaboration represents a pivotal milestone in the evolution of the Hajj pilgrimage, showcasing the collective commitment of Zindigi, Cashin, MyTM PR to enhance well-being and contribute to the global financial ecosystem. Through the integration of digitization, stakeholders are redefining the holy journey, establishing a new standard of excellence, innovation, and convenience in pilgrimage services.

Shams Mawani
Manager, Corporate Communications
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