Zebulon C Miller Unveils His Powerful Memoir: “Crystal and Cocktails: Anatomy of an Addict”

Sharing a Relatable Tale of Addiction and Redemption

UNITED STATES, December 18, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Author Zebulon C Miller opens the door to a compelling and relatable journey through addiction and recovery in his latest memoir, “Crystal and Cocktails: Anatomy of an Addict.” This honest and inspirational book offers readers a unique perspective on the challenges and triumphs of overcoming addiction.

About the Book: “In God’s Time” is a deeply personal exploration of Zebulon C Miller’s battle with addiction and his subsequent path to recovery. The narrative takes readers on a profound journey, delving into the personality traits and character defects that set the stage for his fifteen-year struggle with substance abuse.

The story unfolds with raw honesty, chronicling the gradual decline of both his mental and physical health during his battle with addiction. From a month of inpatient rehabilitation to three months of intensive outpatient care and a year of ongoing support, Miller shares the arduous process of recovery.

However, what sets this memoir apart is its portrayal of an addict who doesn’t fit the stereotypical image often depicted in media. Miller’s narrative highlights the fact that many addicts lead seemingly functional lives, hiding their struggles from loved ones. By sharing his middle-of-the-road journey, Miller hopes to inspire others to seek help before their circumstances become dire.

About the Author: Zebulon C Miller is a multifaceted individual who not only dedicates himself to writing but also works full-time as an application software engineer for a prominent national healthcare provider. His passion for reading and writing ignited at an early age, leading him to craft his first story at just nine years old.

While he may not possess official writing accolades or awards, Miller’s commitment to honing his craft over the past decade reflects his dedication to producing quality content. He draws inspiration from popular movies and television series to create relatable experiences in his writing.

Primary Message: “Crystal and Cocktails: Anatomy of an Addict” is intended to serve as both an inspiration and a source of information for readers. It aims to offer support and insight to those who are currently grappling with addiction, as well as guidance to individuals with loved ones facing similar challenges. Through his unfiltered honesty, Miller hopes to encourage more people to share their own stories and seek help, ultimately emphasizing that no one needs to endure suffering alone.

“Crystal and Cocktails: Anatomy of an Addict” is available for purchase on the author’s website at Author’s Website and through major online retailers.

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