Wireless Influencer, Columnist, Analyst offers new clients 50% off
Wireless Influencer, Columnist, Analyst offers new clients 50% off

Jeff Kagan Industry Analyst, Columnist, Influencer

Increase your company visibility with podcast, “Jeff Kagan Interviews” as client of Jeff Kagan Industry Analyst

Jeff Kagan helps companies punch through the noise and chaos and get noticed by customers, investors, workers and more. To increase your company visibility, consider becoming a client.”

— Jeff KAGAN

ATLANTA, GA, USA, June 25, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Renowned Wireless Analyst, Columnist and Tech Influencer, Jeff Kagan offers new clients a discount of 50% on the first monthly fee to test-drive his services. If satisfied, clients can choose to continue. This is offered to help CEOs, CMOs and senior executives get a better understand of how this powerful resource can help their business get increased visibility in the marketplace.

Over more than three decades, Jeff Kagan has become a top-rated Telecom, Tech and Wireless Analyst, columnist and influencer. He regularly comments on company and industry news through his columns, media interviews, keynote speeches and more.

“Jeff Kagan Interviews” has also recently been launched. This podcast helps companies and executives raise their profile and be seen and heard.

Kagan has worked with many competitors over decades. This includes leaders in segments like wireless, telecom, Internet, cable TV, AI, IoT, Wi-Fi, FWA, 5G-A, 5G Home Internet, satellite broadband, smart cities, automated driving and much more.

Kagan offers companies powerful ways to punch their way through the loud noise of today’s chaotic marketplace. Helping them be seen and found by customers, workers, investors, competitors, the media and more.

Jeff Kagan services include:

• As an Industry Analyst, Jeff Kagan has become one of the most powerful and influential voices as a member of the wireless, telecom, AI, IoT, stream TV and tech marketplace.

• Thousands of columns and articles have been written by Kagan discussing industry changes, companies, products and services, and the competitive marketplace.

• “Jeff Kagan Interviews” is a new podcast series where executives of companies are interviewed and posted on Twitter (X) and LinkedIn. This is retweeted reaching vast numbers of readers.

• Kagan is a frequent guest expert on news programs and by print reporters where he shares thoughts on the changing industry, companies, products and services.

• As a Public Speaker, Kagan has shares humorous and informational thoughts through keynote speeches to groups of executives, customers, investors, workers, the media and more.

Over three decades, Jeff Kagan has become one of the leading voices as an Industry Analyst, columnist, tech influencer and more.

He helps companies punch their way through the noise and chaos and get noticed.

If you or your company would like to increase your visibility, consider becoming a client.

To learn more, visit the web site www.jeffKAGAN.com for more information.

Note: 50% discount offer for first month is temporary, and may be withdrawn at any time.

About Jeff Kagan:

Jeff Kagan is an Industry Analyst, Columnist, Influencer and lecturer or speaker for nearly four decades. He also publishes a podcast called Jeff Kagan Interviews. He is based in Atlanta, Georgia and in addition to being one of the best-known individuals in the industry, Kagan advises companies on increasing visibility in a loud, noisy and chaotic marketplace.

He follows, comments on and writes about companies and technology including wireless, private wireless, Wi-Fi, 5G, telecom, AI, IoT, Pay TV, Streaming TV, Communications technology, Metaverse, Tele Health, Health Tech, Self-driving cars, Autonomous driving, Smart cities, Electric vehicles, Machine learning and much more.

Reach Jeff Kagan as follows:

Email: [email protected]

Web site: www.jeffKAGAN.com

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