VWO’s Latest Launch Helps Businesses Unlock Lightning-Fast Website Optimization

VWO Insights Product Suite

INDIA, December 14, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — With the goal of providing unmatched value to the optimization teams, VWO launched a powerful enhancement to its behavioral analytics product, VWO Insights, today. This feature – Insights dashboard – aligns with VWO’s vision to pioneer superior solutions that empower its users with the tools to succeed fast using the latest technology. VWO’s overall product strategy focuses on building products that give its customers actionable insights and intelligent solutions to enable continuous optimization to create delightful experiences. With the recent launch of the Insights dashboard, VWO has moved a step ahead in this direction. The new feature helps teams continuously improve their websites as customer expectations and behavior evolve over time by providing them with actionable user insights upfront.

VWO Insights has been a pioneering product in the industry for 5+ years. It enables users to access rich visitor data captured through website interactions. It can be analyzed using tools like heatmaps, session recordings, form analytics, and surveys to understand your users better.

However, navigating this extensive data to extract meaningful insights takes a lot of work. It needs unique expertise and intricate analysis, which slows down the process. The new VWO Insights dashboard solves this problem by bringing these user behaviors, patterns, and insights into a dashboard so that optimization teams can leverage them to make decisions. Some key insights that the dashboard presents for its users are – top pages and page sections where visitors constantly struggle with poor experiences, most affected segments, and frequent errors.

While this feature is a step toward VWO’s product vision, VWO is launching many new value-driven, AI-based features in the future, like AI-based smart segmentation, AI in heatmaps, etc., focusing on helping their customers succeed.

“This launch aligns perfectly with our vision,” says Ankit Jain, SVP of Product at VWO. “We’re not just about collecting data; we’re about creating value. The VWO Insights dashboard steps towards this goal, and we are excited about the upcoming AI-based enhancements in visitor behavioral insights that will further revolutionize how our clients understand and interact with their users.”

For more information on how the VWO Insights dashboard can transform your website optimization experience, visit: https://vwo.com/product-updates/introducing-vwo-web-insights-dashboard/

About VWO:
VWO stands at the forefront of web optimization, enabling brands to leverage comprehensive behavioral data for improving key business metrics. The platform integrates diverse functionalities, from unifying customer data to uncovering insights, running A/B tests, and personalizing experiences. Discover how VWO Insights – Web, with its new dashboard, is revolutionizing the approach to website optimization.

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