Steve Harvill, Expert Business Strategist, to Unveil Game-Changing Program in 2024: Decoding Patterns of Top Performers

Steve Harvill

Steve Harvill’s program explores the secret patterns of high achievers and leading organizations, extracted from in-depth analysis of thousands of interviews.

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, December 18, 2023 / — Steve Harvill, a leading business strategist, award-winning best-selling author, and President of Creative Ventures, is poised to unveil an innovative program in 2024. Drawing on profound insights from recurring patterns observed in super-successful individuals and companies, Harvill asserts that his revelations are rooted in the analysis and study of 1,000 interviews conducted over the past ten years. During the development of his upcoming book, tentatively titled “Anybody Anywhere: The Entrepreneurial Spirit in Everyone,” Harvill uncovered skewed data highlighting specific patterns among high-achieving organizations and individuals.

Harvill’s program skillfully outlines the structure of these accomplished power players. One notable trend, for instance, focuses on refining the basics. Successful leaders, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals exhibit a command of fundamental principles in their respective fields, rarely faltering in their implementation. These super successful leaders have mastered the basics of their business and very seldom get them wrong. Harvill calls this strategy “Table Stakes.” Whether maintaining a neat workspace or ensuring flawlessness in company equipment, paying attention to the basics is a must for these organizations.

Simplicity is crucial, Harvill states. The idea is to alleviate the complexities in business. Often, the default thinking is adding more is the key to value. Harvill stresses that subtracting things is counterintuitive, but it is the key to simplicity.

“More is not better, and better is not best. Focus on BEST. It simplifies goal setting,” informs Harvill.

Hiring the right employees is a commonality among highly successful organizations. Human capital is the life force of any prosperous organization. Elevating skills enhances an employee’s value and fosters business growth and improvement.

Harvill says, “This is also the home of another SUPERPOWER – They work with incremental improvement, small but powerful actions that connect to their goals. That’s what my program, LITTLE LESSONS, is about.”

Through a strategic focus on their patterns, he has curated these insights into an easy-to-understand presentation. Harvill has encapsulated these insights into multimedia, interactive presentations, and workshops designed to share these skills and behaviors, providing participants a distinct career advantage.

Steve Harvill is the President of Creative Ventures, boasting an impressive four-decade career sharing cutting-edge concepts and strategies with various companies. From Fortune 500 giants to agile startups, Steve and his Creative Ventures team challenge industry norms through cross-cutting programs in Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Innovation, and The Client Experience. Steve is the author of THE DNA OF CREATIVE VENTURES and the best-selling sales book THE 21 SECRETS OF MILLION DOLLAR SELLERS.

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