Skyline Luge Singapore introduces Ride the Beat, a new night-time musical experience
Skyline Luge Singapore introduces Ride the Beat, a new night-time musical experience

Be thrilled as you zip down the tracks to exciting beats at Ride the Beat

Get ready for a visual feast of neon lights during your ride at Skyline Luge Singapore’s Ride the Beat

Choose your track and be accompanied by dynamic melodies at Ride the Beat

The Singapore outpost becomes the world’s first Skyline Luge to offer monthly musical themes and special guest DJ playlists to create a fresh experience for all

SINGAPORE, January 5, 2024 / — Skyline Luge Singapore — one of Sentosa’s beloved and popular attractions — is proud to unveil Ride the Beat, a fun new sensory experience that refreshes the well-known Skyline Luge experience. As the first Skyline Luge site in the world to bring music onto its tracks, Ride the Beat is a new experience offering a musical joyride. Ride the soundwaves and zip down neon-lined tracks to the rhythm of popular music and beats every Friday and Saturday from 7pm – 10pm.

The launch of Ride the Beat will also be accompanied by a collaboration with AFTERLIFE by AIKO Collective, the nightlife arm of one of Singapore’s newest event agencies. EDM expert DJ Hamez brings the club to the tracks with a specially curated playlist that will be played throughout February, setting the mood for a night that will hype up the rides and have one grooving from pole position to the finish line.

Keep a look out for other exciting musical and DJ collaborations at Ride the Beat throughout the year, with rotating musical themes and DJs promising to keep the experience fresh every time.

“We are delighted to be bringing a whole new musical unique experience to the Skyline Luge experience through Ride the Beat,” said Stephanie Besse, General Manager, Skyline Luge Singapore. “We seek to provide fresh offerings for the locals who love and have supported the attraction for almost 20 years as well as visitors to the ever exciting Sentosa Island. We have worked closely with the Sentosa Development Corporation to ensure that the new music and lights features on the Luge tracks continue to be kind to the environment by placing conservation and preservation as one of our top priorities. Looking ahead, we are committed to providing our customers with non-stop fun and excitement and envision Skyline Luge to become an unforgettable attraction at Sentosa.”

Music is the heart of the new Ride the Beat experience. When setting off from the starting line, be enthralled by high-energy beats that amp up the rhythm of the ride. Whether it’s the pulsating bass that accentuates sharp turns, or the dynamic melodies that accompany smooth descents, each note becomes an integral part of the Ride the Beat experience — all with a visual feast of neon lights as the backdrop.

Pick a path and get set for an adrenaline-fueled ride: Skyline Luge Singapore offers 2.6km of downhill fun split between four thrilling Luge tracks. Each track has specially designed features that include curvy corners and exhilarating tunnels. Choose between the Expedition Trail or the Jungle Trail for the best musical experience during the ride.

Since its opening in 2005, Skyline Luge has become one of Sentosa’s most beloved attractions by both tourists and locals alike. In the 19 years since its opening, the attraction has undergone continual upgrading and improvements to ensure that each visit is not just fun, but also promises a fresh and exhilarating ride each time. Now, with a musical twist infused into the famous attraction, Ride the Beat gives visitors and locals alike a new immersive experience that they’ll keep coming back for.

In collaboration with Shake Shack’s Sentosa outlet, discover exciting launch promotions from 1 February to 30 April to complete a memorable evening at Skyline Luge.

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Tickets to Night Luge Ride the Beat are now available for sale at Skyline Luge’s Ticketing Counter, or from the official Skyline Luge Singapore’s website. For more information and for the latest updates on the Night Luge Ride the Beat, visit Skyline Luge Singapore’s website.

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