Shopkhoj showcases Wedding Dresses for Men
Shopkhoj showcases Wedding Dresses for Men

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Kurtas for Men

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Wedding Dresses for men in India

NEW DELHI, DELHI, INDIA, December 29, 2023 / — Wedding Dresses for Men

It is wedding season all over India with over 38 Lakhs (1 Lakh is 100,000) happening in the Delhi Metro area alone! While traditionally the focus has been on wedding attire for women –the bride, family, and guests – equal attention is increasingly being paid to wedding attire for men. This is in keeping with the trend of men’s attire exploring new designs, motifs, and artisanal craft to bring equal excitement in men’s clothing as in women’s.

Indian ethnic wear and Indo Western outfits have revolutionized choices available to men. And thanks to celebrity advertisements & endorsements, the market is wide & expanding. Markets and shops that cater to men’s clothing for weddings is as ubiquitous as those for women. Take a stroll down Chandni Chowk Market ( South Extension Market ( and Karol Bagh Market ( one can see equal number of shops catering to men’s attire for weddings as that for women.

Wedding Celebrations in India – a short primer

Weddings in India are multi-day celebrations with various rituals and activities. Traditionally, wedding rituals and events differed from State to State and weddings would stick to those practices based on the state. However,most weddings in India now have a few common events regardless of the other events specific to the state.

There are 4 events that have increasingly become popular. Below, is a short description along with attire appropriate and typical for men for each.

Mehendi – The palms and legs of guests are decorated with a paste made of henna leaves. The patterns and designs created by the mehndi artists are works of art indeed.

Men typically wear stylish kurtas with pants or churidars, matched with appropriate shoes or juttis

Sangeet – It is music & dancing all the way with Bollywood themes & Hollywood themes creating a grand spectacle.

Western dressing for men such as suits or Indo western wear are the norm.

Haldi (turmeric)– Applying turmeric on the bride & groom’s face & neck by family members is a continuation of an age-old tradition to beautify and prepare the skin for the actual wedding ceremony. Flowers and games have also been incorporated into this ceremony.

Informal, sporty casual clothes or yellow and colourful kurta with jackets for men add color to the ceremony.

The Wedding – Indian weddings are traditional affair -with the pundit or the priest going through the rituals. It starts with the brides’s family welcoming the groom’s family, followed by the bride & the groom garlanding each other. The seven sacred steps, and pheras around the fire by the bride and groom is the culminating part of the wedding.

The groom and other family members wear the sherwani & a safa . The grooms’s family safa & the brides family safa are distinctly different and serves as an identification for both the families. The male guests typically wear Indo western garments such as an Achkan or a grand Kurta pyjama.

Wedding attire for Men – explained

Kurta Sets – White kurta(long and loose fitting tops) & pajama sets are traditional attire worn by men in North India. This simple attire has been modified & embellished to suit modern men. While short kurtas can be without a collar, long kurtas usually come with a collar. The beauty of a kurta is that it is versatile & comfortable. Nowadays, most shops that carry women’s attire increasingly cater to men’s tasts as well.

The kurta can be paired with a short or long jacket and /or a stole.

Nehru Jacket- The Nehru Jacket is also known as a bandhgala jacket. It is a short, fitted jacket popularized by Pandit Nehru. It has a Chinese collar, buttons in the front and a breast pocket. Prime Minister Nehru always added a red rose in his pocket.

Sherwani – A grand & long coat like top for men that comes down to the knees, traditionally worn by the groom & close relatives of the groom. It is worn over a light kurta and is buttoned up in the front . A matching stole is also part of the ensemble. Grooms usually wear coloured beads or necklaces on their wedding day on the sherwani and some of them also carry a make believe sword.

Achkan – It is a shorter & more fitted coat than a sherwani and can be in light or dark colours and it is made of lighter fabrics.

Pants in appropriate & matching colors can also be paired with any of the above.

Choices for bottom wear

Dhoti – The male counterpart to the sari, it is fashioned out of unstitched cloth. A pleated fall in the front resembles trousers. Nowadays, stitched dhotis, like stitched saris, are readily available that take the guesswork out of trying to do it on one’s own.

Churidar- Chudi means bangles . This form of bottom wear is narrow near the ankles .it is tied at the waist .

Pyjama – The pyajama is comfort wear. The bottom is much narrower than the waist.

Headwear and Accessories

Safa- 6 meters of a single
Headwear and Accessories

Safa- 6 meters of a single piece of colorful cloth that is tied on the head of the groom & male members of the family in North India, it is also referred to as the turban or pagdi. It gives a regal appearance. Some families have traditional colours & designs on the safa. In addition, the way the safa is tied differs from one family to another.

Juttis- It is a form of closed foot wear with a pointed toe & is flat. Coloured juttis are available in most markets. Dilli Haat ( in Delhi carries dedicated shops where one can find beautiful juttis.

Jewellery (– Neck chains, pocket chains, brooch -These items are typically worn with the grand wedding ensemble by men.

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