Shane Krauser Gears Up for One of Arizona’s Most Important Races

Shane Krauser is a former trial attorney, collegiate adjunct faculty, and a current candidate for mayor of Gilbert, Arizona.

GILBERT, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, December 18, 2023 / — Shane Krauser is a candidate for mayor of Gilbert, Arizona, and this race is currently touted as one of the most important political battles in Arizona.

While voters often focus heavily on state and federal races, this mayoral contest that impacts a town of more than 250,000 people, is unique in a number of ways and is bringing issues to light that the people care about deeply.

“There is a mess happening in Washington, D.C., and the most effective solutions are found at the local level. Shane Krauser brings an undeniable and convincing counterpunch to what many see as the abuse of power and fraud happening nationally,” said Dawn Rhodes, a life-long resident of Gilbert.

Shane Krauser, a married man of 29 years and an experienced trial attorney who also spent more than a decade teaching constitutional and criminal law at the collegiate level, has been on the campaign trail since January 2023 and is focused on uniting, inspiring, and fighting for the people of Gilbert.

“Local government is about so much more than health, safety, and infrastructure. It is the last line of defense for the individual, families, and business owners,” said Shane Krauser.

Krauser believes that municipalities were always intended to have local officials who were intensely focused on protecting their constituents. In line with what many have labeled him as “The People’s Mayor,” Krauser emphasized that he intends to work with the Gilbert Town Council to be a “watchdog” who links arms with the people in a way that brings the town together.”

Robert Aker, a mechanical engineer in Gilbert, noted, “While it’s common to prioritize knowledge of the U.S. Constitution for federal office, the real impact lies in local government. Supporting Shane Krauser for Gilbert mayor emphasizes this shift, as his expertise promises a steadfast advocate for residents, safeguarding our rights and interests regardless of race, gender, nationality, or religion. This is why Shane Krauser will have my vote.”

Shane Krauser’s mayoral candidacy has received national attention, as he has received requests to speak about his vision regarding the role of local government from groups in Provo, Utah to Bangor, Maine. However, Krauser, a father of six, sees his most important focus as rallying the people of Gilbert.

“I believe our best days are ahead,” said Krauser, “but it’s going to take work. Gone are the days of ‘business as usual’ in the course of government operations. The people want those whom they elect to actually run the government instead of the administrators who have no direct accountability to the people.”

Shane Krauser has gained widespread support because of his insightful perspective regarding the role of municipal government, and Republicans, Democrats, and Independents are all seeing value in Krauser’s approach.

Jed Lyons, a 24-old non-profit manager in Gilbert who has followed Krauser’s campaign, said, “Shane Krauser’s vision, knowledge, and experience has the real potential to ignite a firestorm across the country for how a town or city is to be run and how to check the troublesome maladministration happening at every level of government. Shane’s approach supersedes politics, and, consequently, there is a lot of excitement, hope, and optimism around his campaign.”

Shane Krauser has numerous “meet and greet” gatherings scheduled, along with many other events where organizations have invited him to speak about his platform.

The Gilbert mayoral election is set for August 2024 (primary) and November 2024 (general).

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