Revill Inc. Introduces Ship2Mates to Enhance the Boating Community Experience

Revill Inc. Introduces Ship2Mates to Enhance the Boating Community Experience

Ship2Mates is the global platform connecting local boating communities and essential marine services in the simplest way possible.

DOVER, DELAWARE, USA, April 11, 2024 / — Revill Inc. is thrilled to announce the launch of Ship2Mates an innovative application designed to streamline and enrich the local boating community experience. The platform aims to connect boaters and professional marine service providers through a community-based platform, leveraging technology to foster easier communication, service discovery, and transactional transparency.

With a deep-rooted passion for boating that traces back to childhood adventures in North Toronto’s cottage country, Garry Bradamore, founder of Revill Inc. recognized the challenges and limitations within the boating community. From difficulty finding reliable marine services to the need for a dedicated social networking space for boaters, the concept of Ship2Mates was born. This initiative reflects a desire to simplify the process of connecting with like-minded individuals and securing local professional marine services with ease.

Ship2Mates initially emerged as a social networking platform tailored for the local boating community, allowing users to meet, share, and connect in a clutter-free environment focused exclusively on boating interests. Now, users can create a detailed boat profile of their vessels through its proprietary MyBoatsProfile, a reusable and transferrable feature for the lifecycle of the watercraft. It enables the storage and sharing of comprehensive boat information, from photos and specifications to service records. This powerful tool easily facilitates the exchange of watercraft information, inside and outside of the platform. With this shared information marine service providers, marinas, yacht clubs, and insurance brokers can quickly and easily streamline and deliver the request for quote process more accurately.

Ship2Mates is not only about connecting the local boating community but also about creating a supportive ecosystem for all professional marine service providers. By offering access to a broader customer base with shareable boat specifications, the platform is built to streamline job scheduling and communications, while facilitating quicker approval and payment processing. Ship2Mates continues to encourage a more dynamic, service-oriented marine services experience.

“Whether you’re a seasoned boater or a marine service provider, Ship2Mates and MyBoatsProfile are here to enhance and simplify your boating needs,” says the founder of Revill Inc. “We’re committed to building the platform that brings the local boating community closer together while helping to elevate the standard and convenience of essential boat services, with transparent, measured results of every service transaction.”

Revill Inc. invites boaters and marine service professionals to explore the possibilities offered by Ship2Mates and its MyBoatsProfile. This promises to transform the way the boating community interacts, shares, and conducts business, reinforcing the ties that bind boating enthusiasts.

For more information about local partnerships and to join the Ship2Mates community, please visit the company’s website.

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