Philip Duxfield’s Aquatic Adventure Story “Sea” Re-Released
Philip Duxfield’s Aquatic Adventure Story “Sea” Re-Released

Children’s picture book portrays young protagonist’s defense of unique marine creatures

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, June 17, 2024 / — In an era of climate change, ecological catastrophes, man-made environmental disasters and the continuous extinction of endangered species across the globe, Philip Duxfield’s children’s picture book charmingly illustrated by Michelle Whitehead is a timely tale that raises awareness and shows the importance of defending the environment and all life within it. “Sea” will show readers young and old alike the importance of protecting nature from those who would selfishly exploit it.

The story follows a young and unlikely hero who lives an idyllic existence in an immaculate isle surrounded by tranquil waters, populated by unusual but charming creatures. This calm life is disturbed when outside forces arrive with the intent of exploiting the teeming environment for their personal gain. The young man must defend his home and those he values, fighting back with a team of unlikely heroes in a coming of age journey that will show young readers the power of friendship, the value of the natural world, and the consequences of human greed and exploitation.

“Sea” is charmingly illustrated and will catch the attention of young readers while conveying invaluable life lessons to them, making it a great bedtime story for the little ones as well as their parents. Duxfield draws from his experiences as a counselor who helps patients overcome hardships in life to depict characters dealing with their own struggles in a relatable way.

About the Author

Philip Duxfield is a counseling psychotherapist specializing in disabilities and autism. In his writing he uses fiction to explore characters undergoing psychological struggles as well as drawing from life lessons he gained from his peers and mentors. Duxfield runs a disability services company and an organizational psychology consultancy in Brisbane, Australia.

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