Olympia Waters, the world’s first Dream Agency, presents its “Get Inspired” preview in Private Luxury Dubai

DESENZANO DEL GARDA, BRESCIA, ITALY, January 16, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Private Luxury Dubai, the event that from 18 to 20 of January is bringing together the world’s most influential buyers and exhibitors in luxury travel, hosts the preview presentation of Olympia Waters’s “Get Inspired” capsule collection. Waiting for the official launch of the Brand, the capsule collects 55 inspiring and astonishing experiences located in Italy, such as caviar tastings, cruises and private shows off the beautiful Cinque Terre, days flying over the water like America’s Cup champions, or an itinerary to the heartlands of the Divine Maria Callas.

The Olympia Waters Brand

Olympia Waters embraces a perspective of travel as an extraordinary opportunity for metamorphosis and brings to light the potential for growth and transformation that each experience can generate. OW is the world’s first dream agency, anticipating the future of luxury travel by designing a totally new concept whose philosophy is to “create something that doesn’t exist”.

Born to fill a void in response to the demands of true luxury consumers, Olympia Waters is the answer for those who are not simply satisfied with luxury but want to experience something that has never existed before.

Olympia Waters is a new emerging brand in the world of luxury, created as a spin-off from the experience of one of Europe’s most accredited communications and events agencies, active in 34 countries, and collaborating with hundreds of leading professionals in their respective fields and working with some of the world’s top brands in food & beverage, fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, publishing, luxury and more.

Olympia’s personal experience and relationships everywhere combined with the creativity, skills, and dedication of a worldwide team will serve the aspirations of High-Net-Worth-Individuals (HNWIs) with extraordinary buying power.

It’s all about the emotion.

Designing each experience around a client’s needs and preferences results in an exclusive story in which the customer is the protagonist. OW embraces a revolutionary perspective of travel as an extraordinary opportunity for metamorphosis and brings to light the potential for growth and transformation that each experience can generate.

Focusing on luxury experiences, Olympia Waters’s new service focuses on the ‘bespoke’ keyword, but its philosophy is not so much about what clients want to do, it’s more about how they want to feel, seeking intensity, authenticity, and emotional involvement.

The power of creativity

Acting as a “dream maker”, the company combines unstoppable creativity, passion, research, and a holistic and visionary spirit that makes it innovative and pioneering.

Completely Bespoke experiences, where anything is possible, are also available, upon request.

The products

>”Get Inspired” wants to thrill customers crossing the threshold of unreachable places, experiencing intense and unrepeatable private moments, and interweaving their stories with extraordinary lives. Olympia Waters will connect clients to a variety of people whose passions and talents have made them icons. Guests are welcomed by descendants of noble families, former ambassadors, Olympic champions, and other out-of-the-ordinary personalities who are integral to and co-stars of the experiences.

The “Get Inspired” collection will be presented for the first time to international buyers attending Private Luxury Dubai. It gathers only original experiences, created by Olympia Waters in collaboration with partners with whom it has an exclusive relationship or who will make something unprecedented just for OW. The team is always up to date on new openings, glam places, art spaces, and design projects around the world, to shape an ever-changing Collection.

> Bespoke is Olympia Waters’s signature proposal. It comes from a deep desire, an idea, a special occasion that customers want to realize. OW imagines them, and gives them a shape, a script, a choreography. The bespoke experiences, which can deliver anywhere in the world, drawing on the latest trends in travel science and experiential design as well as unconventional research to ensure that each creation is a moment of pure fulfillment for clients, but without taking away the privilege of exclusivity and the unexpected.

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