New “Universal Studios Adventure Tour” from Star Track Tours
New “Universal Studios Adventure Tour” from Star Track Tours

Hollywood tour company onwer Jeff Napshin

Star Track Tours, a Hollywood tour company, will now be offering visitors tours to Universal Studios in the morning and a VIP Hollywood tour in the afternoon.

It’s all about having a blast in Hollywood.”

— Jeff Napshin

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 31, 2024 / — Star Track Tours, a Hollywood tour company and local fixture for over a decade, announced the addition of one more tour to their list. As of late May 2024, they are offering what they call the “Universal Studios Adventure Tour.” These tours will accommodate Southern California visitors who are staying near Universal Studios and want to visit it as well as Hollywood but who may not have transportation or want to deal with the attendant parking hassles.

Tours of Hollywood are part of a very competitive market, but Star Track Tours hopes this offering will be innovative and fill a void in the Hollywood tour niche. Star Track has tried to outdo its competitors with tour enhancements such as video screens on each bus to show visitors movie clips as they drive past famous film locations or inside some of the mega-mansions they pass while touring Beverly Hills.

Many visitors to Southern California end up relying of cabs or rideshare companies to get around. Those who arrive by plane may not have a car, but yet would love to have the Universal Studios experience. With Star Track’s Adventure Tour they’ll be able to visit Universal without worrying about parking (in terms of cost and time). Specifically, Star Track will cater to those staying in locations close to the studio such as Burbank, North Hollywood and Hollywood itself.

The Adventure Tour begins by picking up guests at their hotel or home in the morning and taking them to Universal Studios. Later, they will be picked up at Universal and taken on a 3-hour VIP tour of Hollywood and environs, which includes the famous sights along Hollywood Blvd., stars’ homes of Beverly Hills and iconic views of landmarks like the Hollywood sign. Star Track is pricing the Adventure tour at $700 for up to 12 people.

Owner Jeff Napshin expressed his excitement about the new tour. “If you’ve been to Universal (Studios), you know the parking situation can be difficult, not to mention expensive. On our tour we just drop you off and let you get to all the fun stuff immediately. Then you get the added thrill of our VIP tour later.”

Star Track Tours continues to innovate and bring new experiences to its customers. It also boasts about its reputation as the safest Hollywood tour and invests in continual maintenance of its fleet. “Safety first,” Napshin said “But then its all about having a blast in Hollywood!”

Tickets for the Universal Studios Adventure Tour will not yet be available on the company’s website so those interested in the Adventure tour should contact Star Track Tours by phone to set up this personalized, intimate service.

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