Missy Sunseri Launches “The Natural Mind” in Malibu
Missy Sunseri Launches “The Natural Mind” in Malibu

Missy Sunseri

The Natural Mind, Malibu

Missy Sunseri founder of The Natural Mind

Missy Sunseri Launches “The Natural Mind” in Malibu – A New Era in Trauma Healing and Personal Empowerment

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, January 16, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Missy Sunseri, a name synonymous with resilience and transformation, proudly announces the launch of her new venture, “The Natural Mind,” in Malibu, California. This innovative practice marks a significant milestone in the field of psychological healing and sports performance, offering hope and empowerment to those grappling with trauma, anxiety, and other psychological challenges.

Missy Sunseri’s story is one of remarkable fortitude and dedication. A Pittsburgh native, Missy distinguished herself early on as a star athlete, securing multiple accolades in soccer and lacrosse. Her journey, however, took an unexpected turn following a family tragedy that profoundly affected her sports career. This challenge led her to pursue a deeper understanding of the human psyche, culminating in a Bachelor’s in Science in Psychology from Robert Morris University.

In her quest for personal healing from chronic PTSD and anxiety, Missy discovered her passion for helping others. This quest took her to California, where she immersed herself in studies at HMI, graduating with honors. Drawing from her extensive certifications in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Sports and Performance Psychology, and more, Missy is now ready to offer a unique blend of therapy and coaching through “The Natural Mind.”

Missy’s approach transcends traditional methods. Her practice has already gained attention in the Malibu community, with features in the Malibu Surfside News and Malibu Patch, highlighting her innovative techniques. Her commitment extends beyond individual therapy; she has made significant contributions to the world of sports, developing unique methods to enhance athletic performance. This includes her work with RMU’s Division 1 lacrosse team and the establishment of The Missy Sunseri Scholarship to support aspiring athletes.

“The Natural Mind” is more than a therapy practice; it’s a sanctuary for transformation and growth. Missy Sunseri’s ability to reframe past experiences empowers her clients to unlock potentials they never thought possible. Her practice is not just about overcoming trauma; it’s about reshaping lives and futures.

—Testimonials —

A few words about Missy from Award Winning Healer Audrey Hope

“From the moment I met Missy I knew that miracles in healing are possible and real. I think it was the light in her eyes, and the energy of her soul. And though I met her to help her with her healing journey, I was perhaps the one getting the gift.

Sometimes transformation can be like that. You meet someone and you just know they are special, and you just need to remove the curtains for them to see it. I worked with Missy through the window of a soul perspective so that she could reframe her past, heal her pain, and unblock her intuitive gifts.

A talented healer must have many important qualities.

They must understand the pain of others so they must have gone through alot themselves. Missy has that. They must be able to open up and bravely face their demons. Missy has done that.

A talented healer must have an open heart and a humbleness and willingness to listen and learn. They must have a passion for education and learning from the best.

Missy is today an integrated, powerful healer who can access many dimensions and keep it real so her clients can be free to experience the freedom she has found.

It is an honor to know Missy, to have worked with her, and to write this testimony.”






Award Winning – Hope for RelationshipsTV

“Missy helped me prepare for my wedding. I had a paralyzing fear that I’d cry my way through the vows I had planned to write myself and say for the first time at the event. She was patient with me and understanding of my vulnerabilities. I learned to trust her completely and as it turns out…through her coaching and hypnotherapy, I walked down the aisle and read my vows without a tear in my eye. I was thrilled! I recommend her services to anyone who wants to face a fear, prepare for a big event, or just find their center through mindful practices.”

-Jessica Kenning

“Missy Sunseri, is walking in her gifts and talents as a therapist. The depth of her knowledge, and love for her work, is evident in her counseling. I personally have worked with Missy, on anxiety issues, due to breast cancer and brain surgery. I had seen other therapists in the past, but none have ever been able to help me. But Missy, is a shining light that stands out for those who are searching for comfort and tools to navigate personal issues. Missy will guide you along a path that will bring healing to your heart and mind, in a purposeful and gentle way. Missy will equip you with the necessary tools to cope with the difficult issues. 100% recommend working with Missy, you will surely see the light you’ve been searching for!”



“My experience working with Missy was excellent. I’d tell her the issue I wanted to deal with and we’d talk about it for a little while until she had a clear idea of the issue before putting me in the hypnotic state. This type of hypnosis is not the thing you experience at those shows where the therapist picks someone out of the crowd and makes them think they’re a chicken—it is much more subtle. I got consistent, immediate results, and am really excited to schedule my next appointment. I think it’s a highly effective form of therapy.”


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