Metro Engines Inc. Provides Specialized Research Tool  for Hotels and Hotel Market in Japan

Easily grasp the trends of your search area, including hotel categories, price ranges, and newly opening Japanese hotels, displayed instantly on maps or lists. We clearly show the changes in the number of Japanese properties and rooms.

You can research room rates for hotels throughout Japan, including by plan, hotel category, bed type, and breakfast options. Our unique estimated vacancy rate allows you to understand the booking status of competiters.

Offering Unparalleled Insights into ADR, RevPar, and Upcoming Hotel Projects – A Nationwide Resource for Hotel Market Analysis

SHINAGAWA-KU, TOKYO, JAPAN, March 6, 2024 / — Metro Engines Inc., a pioneering force in the realm of revenue management systems for the Japanese hospitality industry, proudly announces the expansion of its esteemed data analysis platform, the “Research Plan,” to markets beyond Japan. Engineered to serve as an indispensable resource for the hotel sector, this tool integrates an exhaustive array of data analytics capabilities, designed to empower stakeholders with a deep dive into the intricacies of hotel operations and market dynamics across Japan.

The “Research Plan” by Metro Engines Inc. stands out by providing access to granular, property-specific insights, including “Basic Information” (such as addresses, the total number of rooms, and hotel classifications), “ADR/RevPar,” and “Accommodation Plans” in Japan. Additionally, it offers a macro perspective with data on the “Total Number of Properties,” “Aggregate Number of Rooms,” and “Details on Forthcoming Hotel Ventures” on a national scale.

Metro Engine Inc. is revolutionizing the hospitality industry with its dedicated revenue management system, “Metro Engine Revenue Management”, which holds the No.1 market share in Japan. Within this framework, Metro Engines has been providing data on the hotel market, originally collected for the purpose of utilizing this system, through our market research tool, “Research Plan.” This initiative has significantly enhanced the efficiency of research and analysis for hotel operators.

Initially, the focus was on Japanese hotel stakeholders. However, considering the rapid growth in inbound tourism and the potential interest from international corporations in the Japanese hotel sector, Metro Engines has decided to expand the availability of “Research Plan”’ to global clients. This expansion aims to meet the needs of foreign enterprises considering hotel development and new ventures in Japan.

The data held by Metro Engines, especially regarding room rates, has not only been utilized for various purposes but has also gained credibility through references in Japanese leading economic newspaper, “Nikkei Shimbun,” and numerous news programs.

Metro Engines invites potential clients to discuss customized applications of this data and explore effective usage methods tailored to their specific needs.

About “Research Plan”

A robust analytical tool for investigating room rates, upcoming hotel projects, and more, providing an edge in competitive market research.
Simplifies exhaustive big data research, offering easy access to data sorted by municipalities, prefectures, and designated areas.
Visual representation of data through maps and graphs enables immediate grasp of market dynamics.

1. Property-Based Big Data:
– Access to specific big data, including room rates, hotel plans, and reviews across Japan.
– Features include comparison of room rates across different plans and properties.
– Automatic updates ensure the latest information is always at your fingertips.

2. Macro Big Data:
– In-depth search capabilities for demand and supply-related data.
– Comprehensive coverage of event information affecting accommodation demand in Japan.
– Detailed insights on the number of properties, room counts, and upcoming construction projects.

3. CSV Data Download:
– Downloadable big data from all over Japan in CSV format.
– Applicable for analyzing trends like business hotel rates in Tokyo or upcoming hotel projects in Osaka.

For pricing and further information, please contact Metro Engine’s sales department.
We can also offer only data.

About Metro Engines Inc.

Metro Engines Inc. is revolutionizing the hospitality and transportation sectors through the power of technology, big data, and advanced analytics. At the core of our innovation is the “Metro Engine,” a state-of-the-art revenue management solution that harnesses artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize room pricing strategies for hotels and lodging establishments. This sophisticated tool analyzes vast amounts of data to forecast demand and adjust pricing in real-time, ensuring our clients maximize their revenue potential and maintain competitive edge.

Our partnership network includes some of Japan’s most prestigious hotel chains, a testament to our system’s effectiveness and the trust we have built in the industry. However, our ambitions extend beyond the hotel sector. Recognizing the universal applicability of dynamic pricing, Metro Engines is broadening its horizons to encompass the car rental and express bus industries. This expansion is driven by our commitment to delivering value across different sectors by enabling businesses to adapt to market changes swiftly and efficiently.

As pioneers in applying dynamic pricing models across various industries, Metro Engines is dedicated to innovation, continuous improvement, and the pursuit of excellence. We are not just a service provider; we are partners in growth, committed to empowering businesses with the tools they need to thrive in today’s fast-paced, demand-driven markets.

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