Last Call For 401(k) Participants; act before 11:59 pm EDT December 14, 2023

Take 15 minutes to complete your application for the 401(k) Champion Award before the 11:59 pm EDT December 14, 2023 Deadline

If you were to advise co-workers on why they should contribute to (and/or maximize) their 401(k)s, what would you say?”

— Julie Jason, financial literacy proponent and Award sponsor

STAMFORD, CT, UNITED STATES, December 12, 2023 / — If you are a 401(k) participant, take 15 minutes to earn $1,000 and the title of 2023 401(k) Champion®. The deadline is this Thursday, December 14, 2023 at 11:59 pm EDT. Applications are available at

An independent panel of expert judges will consider applicants’ answers to the following question: “If you were to advise co-workers on why they should contribute to (and/or maximize) their 401(k)s, what would you say?”

The 401(k) Champion competition is a national search for three 401(k) participants to be named 401(k) Champions® for 2023. The award is open to all ages 21 or older who currently participate in their 401(k)s. There is no cost to apply. Three 401(k) Champions® will be chosen. See for more information.

Rationale for the 401(k) Champion® Competition

It became clear to financial literacy proponent Julie Jason, JD, LLM, a sponsor of the award, that educated 401(k) participants are in the best position to motivate their co-workers.

“That’s what the competition is intended to do — to identify 401(k) participants who have figured out that with a 401(k), retirement security is infinitely more attainable, even if an employee doesn’t think he can afford to participate,” said Ms. Jason.

“The best motivation comes from a peer who shares his story,” stated Ms. Jason. Read what prior 401(k) champions had to offer:

• Robert Brokamp, a 2021 401(k) Champion® wrote: “I love the spirit of the 401(k) Champion® Award. It acknowledges that everyday employees can be motivators and educators, improving retirement security for themselves and their coworkers.” Brokamp is a senior adviser and an author at The Motley Fool.

• Alexander, a 2022 401(k) Champion® said: “Becoming a 401(k) Champion® only makes me more resolved to keep paying forward the wisdom my co-workers shared with me.”

Note to Employers

Encourage 401(k) participants to get together to talk about their 401(k)s and to compete for the title of 401(k) Champion®.

For help, go to to download a flyer with information about the 401(k) Champion® Competition.

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