Ken Jackson Unveils the Mesmerizing World of the atLan Chronicles with “The Genesis Plan”
Ken Jackson Unveils the Mesmerizing World of the atLan Chronicles with “The Genesis Plan”

Unveiling Secrets, Defying Odds – A Tale of Cloud Travelers and Cultural Clash in “The Genesis Plan”

UNITED STATES, December 18, 2023 / — Author Ken Jackson invites readers on an extraordinary journey through time and space with the release of his captivating novel, “The Genesis Plan.” Set against the backdrop of the Early Bronze Age, this enthralling tale introduces us to Ishka, a determined leader grappling with the complexities of power, rivalry, and an otherworldly threat that hovers among the clouds.

In “The Genesis Plan,” Ishka finds herself navigating the treacherous waters of leadership in her Early Bronze Age community. Her aspirations for her son to succeed her are jeopardized not only by a cunning long-time rival but also by the imminent danger posed by mysterious beings from another world who traverse the skies. However, Ishka harbors a secret that could shatter her carefully laid plans – the revelation that the deceased father of her son was, in fact, a traveler among the clouds.

Ken Jackson, a resident of Brantford, Ontario, Canada, brings a rich background to his storytelling. Armed with degrees in English, Theology, and a master’s degree in History, Jackson weaves a tapestry of historical and speculative fiction in “The Genesis Plan,” the first installment in the atLan Chronicles series. His previous works, “The Rebellion of the Wolf” and “The Maelstrom of Destiny,” further showcase his prowess in crafting immersive narratives.

When asked about the inspiration behind his latest work, Jackson remarked, “I like to write, and the idea of creating a concept through a series of novels appealed to me.” His passion for storytelling and the exploration of cultures clashing in the atLan Chronicles series is evident, providing readers with a thought-provoking and thrilling experience.

While “The Genesis Plan” unfolds in a vaguely science fiction setting, its core theme revolves around the clash of cultures. The atLan, representing a metaphorical “colonial mindset,” collide with Bronze Age peoples symbolizing indigenous cultures. The narrative explores the implications of a self-assumed “superior” culture imposing itself on another, revealing that such imposition is not necessarily met with gratitude.

Discover the atLan Chronicles: Explore the world of atLan Chronicles and join Ishka on her compelling journey. Visit the official website at to learn more about Ken Jackson’s works, including “The Rebellion of the Wolf” and “The Maelstrom of Destiny.”

“The Genesis Plan” is now available for purchase at major bookstores and online retailers. Immerse yourself in a tale that transcends time and challenges perceptions, offering readers a gripping blend of history, science fiction, and cultural exploration.

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