JuiceNet Unveils Revolutionary Shared Residential EV Charging Network Service
JuiceNet Unveils Revolutionary Shared Residential EV Charging Network Service

JuiceNet – Shared Residential EV Charging Network

juicenet shared residential ev charging network

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juicenet shared residential ev charging network

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On June 11, 2024, JuiceNet will unveil its innovative Shared Residential EV Charging Network. JuiceNet aims to provide more dependable and predictable charging.

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA, USA, May 30, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — On June 11, 2024, JuiceNet, a trailblazer in charging solutions, will unveil its innovative Shared Residential EV Charging Network. The launch marks a significant leap forward in addressing the challenges of EV charging convenience and accessibility. Addressing range anxiety associated with EV ownership is fundamental to achieving widespread EV adoption. JuiceNet aims to reduce the need for public infrastructure reliance by providing more dependable and predictable charging access.

The brainchild of visionary entrepreneurs Steve Sanchez, Jack O’Neill, and Jacob Sanchez, JuiceNet is poised to expand its network, establishing access points nationwide. By providing a convenient, reliable, and cost-effective alternative to conventional EV charging infrastructure, JuiceNet aims to accelerate the widespread adoption of electric vehicles and foster a greener, more sustainable future.

Central to the innovation is an intuitive mobile application available for free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The app seamlessly connects hosts offering their private chargers for convenient use to guests (EV owners). Through advanced features, including scheduling, transaction management, and an interactive map, the JuiceNet app ensures a hassle-free charging experience for all users. On average, guests can obtain a boost of 23-28 miles of range per charging hour.

The JuiceNet service operates on a pay-per-use basis and has an optional subscription fee. Guests save money by paying less than they would have paid at public charging stations, and hosts can discover fulfillment in bringing about a cleaner future. This unique model also creates opportunities for hosts to generate additional income and for subscribers to save with each charging session.

JuiceNet has forged strategic partnerships with third parties, such as manufacturers, to offer promotional rates for level 2 chargers. Moreover, JuiceNet is broadening its partnerships with other third parties and investors to enhance accessibility through various channels.

JuiceNet’s mission is to enhance an eco-friendly environment by providing various charger options, eliminating range anxiety, encouraging EV ownership, and promoting an alternative, cost-effective solution to infrastructure demands. JuiceNet is a transformative force in reshaping how we perceive and interact with EV charging infrastructure and paves the way for a future where charging is collaborative, convenient, accessible, predictable, and affordable.

We are seeking beta testers for our service. To sign up, go to https://bit.ly/social-betatester.

To become a Host, Guest, or Subscriber to our network, email [email protected].

For more information, visit our website at https://juicenet.ai, or for any other inquiries, email [email protected].

About JuiceNet:

JuiceNet is a pioneering sustainable energy solutions provider dedicated to revolutionizing the electric vehicle charging industry. Through its innovative shared residential EV charging network, JuiceNet aims to enhance accessibility, affordability, and environmental sustainability in the transportation sector.

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