John Rosemond, Founder of Parent Guru®, Urges Parents to Take Charge

John Rosemond

Rosemond advises parents to assert their authority confidently, pointing out that the obedient child is a happy child.

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2023 / — Well-known family psychologist John Rosemond, best-selling author of some twenty books on parenting and family issues, strongly advocates for a return to authoritative parenting. With over four decades of experience working with children and parents, Rosemond maintains that parents who explain their decisions and instructions to their children undermine their own authority. Parents who find themselves losing their patience with their children usually do so because they get into arguments with their kids, arguments that start because the parents explain themselves. says Rosemond.

“Parents need to act like their authority is legitimate, that they do not need to justify instructions and decisions to their children…who are, when all the sentiment is said and done, freeloaders. The in-house freeloaders are a lot more content when they are obedient,” explains Rosemond.

In Rosemond’s approach to parenting, several key points are highlighted. First, he emphasizes that an obedient child tends to be a happier child, as obedience fosters a sense of contentment and harmony within the family. Children who respect and adhere to their parents’ directives are likelier to experience a profound sense of security.

Rosemond also contends that “Because I said so” is nothing more than self-affirmation of a parent’s legitimate authority. This old-fashioned statement communicates that instructions should be followed simply because they originate from a parent.

Furthermore, Rosemond believes that “Why?” and “Why not?” are not genuine requests for information. Rather, they are challenges to the parent’s authority and invitations to do battle. This traditional perspective underscores the importance of maintaining clear parent-child boundaries.

In May 2023, Rosemond retired his syndicated newspaper column after an impressive 46-year run that reached some 500 newspapers nationwide. Since then, he has redirected his focus towards speaking engagements, hosting his podcast titled “Because I Said So!” (available on all major streaming platforms) and writing a weekly Substack essay.

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