Introducing Thailand’s First Web3 News Portal with ESG Standards

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Suvarnabhumi more than an airport name.

Environmental,Social and Governmenance

Thailand news offers a unique perspective on culture, politics, and economy in Southeast Asia, impacting global understanding & perspectives. Suvarnabhumi is responsible to decentralize the Thai news”

— Eric Wong

SINGAPORE, April 11, 2024 / — Thailand welcomes a groundbreaking innovation in the news media landscape with the launch of Suvarnabhumi News (, the country’s first web3 news portal that adheres to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards. is set to revolutionize the way news is delivered, consumed, and governed, leveraging blockchain technology and decentralized principles to ensure transparency, credibility, and sustainability in journalism.

The name “Suvarnabhumi” holds deep historical and cultural significance, rooted in ancient Sanskrit and Thai traditions. Translated as “Golden Land,” Suvarnabhumi represents a metaphorical realm of prosperity, abundance, and enlightenment. By choosing this name, the founders of aim to embody the values of integrity, impartiality, and trustworthiness in their news reporting and dissemination.

This innovative news portal operates on web3 principles, utilizing blockchain technology to secure data integrity, protect user privacy, and foster community-driven governance. Through decentralized networks and peer-to-peer interactions, ensures that information flows freely and authentically, without the constraints of centralized control or manipulation.

Key features of include:

1. **ESG Standards**: prioritizes environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and good governance practices in its operations, content production, and community engagement.

2. **Blockchain Integration**: By integrating blockchain technology, guarantees the immutability, traceability, and verifiability of news content, enhancing trust and credibility among readers.

3. **Community Participation**: empowers users to contribute news stories, verify information, and engage in open discussions, fostering a culture of collaboration and inclusivity in news reporting.

4. **Cross-Platform Accessibility**: is accessible across multiple devices and platforms, ensuring that readers can stay informed and engaged anytime, anywhere.

“We are proud to introduce as a pioneering initiative in Thailand’s media landscape, combining cutting-edge technology with ethical journalism practices,” said Eric Wong, Founder and CEO of Suvarnabhumi News. “Our mission is to provide a trusted, transparent, and community-driven news platform that upholds the values of ESG standards while embracing the opportunities offered by web3 technologies.”

With a vision to become the go-to source for reliable news and information in Thailand and beyond, aims to set a new standard for media sustainability, authenticity, and public service.

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About is Thailand’s first web3 news portal that integrates blockchain technology and ESG standards to deliver transparent, credible, and community-driven news content. With a commitment to journalistic integrity and innovation, aims to redefine the future of media in Thailand and promote a culture of trust and collaboration in news reporting.

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