Innivec Marks New Acquisitions, Partnerships and Milestones in Career College Network in 2023
Innivec Marks New Acquisitions, Partnerships and Milestones in Career College Network in 2023

We are not just preparing students for jobs; we are preparing them for careers that align with the demands of an ever-evolving workforce.”

— Sanjay Laul, CEO, Innivec

KELOWNA, BC, CANADA, December 29, 2023 / — Innivec, a network of career-oriented educational institutions in Canada, has announced a consolidated list of acquisitions, strategic partnerships, and milestones in 2023 aimed at excellence in higher education to address the needs of today’s global learners.

Innivec owns and operates Eton College Canada, Taylor Pro College, Extreme Pro Training, and College Multihexa, whose campuses in Canada offer a myriad of certificate and diploma programs, micro-credentials and career-enhancing resources, complemented by smart technologies and laying the foundation for students to reach their career objectives through academic success and hands-on practicum experiences.

“2023 has been a remarkable year for Innivec, and as we reflect on our accomplishments, I am confident that we are not just witnessing success but are actively contributing to the transformative evolution of education globally,” says Innivec CEO Sanjay Laul.

Acquisitions, New Programs, Partnerships

Innivec initiated and completed the following in 2023:

Taylor Pro College expanded its footprint by acquiring All Weather Driving School in Kelowna, British Columbia – a strategic move that strengthens its commitment to providing top-notch driving education and academic training.

Students and graduates in Eton College Canada’s Flight Attendant Preparation Program now work with the majority of Canadian airlines and several international carriers, helping shape the future of the aviation industry.

Eton College Canada also pioneered an exceptional academic pathway by signing a Diploma to Masters agreement with Trinity Western University, marking the first undergraduate diploma to masters pathway in Canada.

Multihexa College, based in Ontario, introduced an affordable Diploma to Bachelors Pathway program, making higher education more accessible than ever before in Canada.

Innivec’s sales teams now operate in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, and Southeast Asia, an expansion that not only enhances its global presence but also paves the way for exciting partnership opportunities.

The company resolves to continue on this growth and partnership track in 2024, mainly intending to create pathways for success for its students and contributing to the global knowledge economy.

With a focus on industry trends and data, it also seeks to navigate the evolving landscape of education and work, ensuring its campus communities are well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

What Lies Ahead in 2024?

Laul foresees a future where education meets the demands of the evolving workforce.

UNESCO previously reported a significant surge in the global university student population, emphasizing the interconnected nature of our global society and the need for educational institutions to adapt.

The Future of Jobs Report 2023 by the World Economic Forum also outlined a shift in the next five years towards AI, Big Data, and emerging technologies. Over 85 percent of organizations foresee adopting new technologies, digital expansion, and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards as predominant trends.

While technological advancement is expected to drive job growth, there is also anticipation of job displacement, particularly in agriculture technologies, digital platforms, e-commerce, and AI. The report also noted a structural labor market churn with a net decrease of 14 million jobs and the importance of in-demand skills like analytical thinking, creative thinking, and technological literacy.

The human-machine frontier is slower in automation than expected, emphasizing the need for training in AI and big data utilization, with six in 10 workers requiring such training by 2027.

Looking ahead to 2024, Laul outlined Innivec’s strategic focus on leveraging technology, fostering industry ties, and adapting to workforce needs.

“We are not just preparing students for jobs; we are preparing them for careers that align with the demands of an ever-evolving workforce. Our commitment is to stay ahead, anticipating trends and adapting proactively,” the chief executive said.

“As the global education landscape continues to evolve, Innivec is committed to innovation. We’re aligning with industry trends, ensuring our institutions lead in education and career readiness,” Laul added.

With a globally positioned team of over 250 professionals in academics, trades, management, and marketing, Innivec offers solutions including curriculum development, internships, corporate training, upskilling, learning management systems, certification, and industry partnerships.

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