Independent Filmmakers Push Boundaries While Big Hollywood Continues To Play It Safe

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Bryan Brooks as John Knox

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Bryan Brooks’ “Wrecker” Shines in Innovative Storytelling

I’ve put a lot of effort into my story, it has thrills, twists and turns, and there’s absolutely no way you’re going to guess the ending. Why don’t I see this much effort coming out of Hollywood?”

— Bryan Brooks

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, November 24, 2023 / — In the world of cinema, independent filmmakers are increasingly gaining recognition for their ability to take risks with their stories and plots, often pushing the boundaries of traditional storytelling. This contrasts with the more conservative approach of big Hollywood studio productions, which are often limited in their creative scope due to the need to appeal to a broad audience.

One such independent film that stands out for its unique ability to captivate its audience is “Wrecker,” a 2022 action/horror film produced by Bryan Brooks available on Prime Video, Tubi and YouTube Movies. This film exemplifies the creative freedom that independent filmmakers can exercise, resulting in an individualistic cinematic experience that challenges the status quo mirroring the early works of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead trilogy.

“Wrecker” is a testament to the creative liberties that independent filmmakers can take. The film, which combines elements of action, comedy and horror, breaks away from the conventional narratives often seen in these genres. Brooks, who not only produced but also starred in the film, was able to craft a story that is both thrilling and thought-provoking, a feat that is often difficult to achieve in mainstream Hollywood productions. “What we as storytellers are doing is just making up stuff and hoping or audiences find it interesting. But why, then, is everything I’m seeing from big Hollywood so redundant, repetitive and lazy? I’ve put a lot of effort into my story, it has thrills, twists and turns, and there’s absolutely no way you’re going to guess the ending. Why don’t I see this much effort coming out of Hollywood?” says Brooks.

The constraints faced by big Hollywood studios are largely due to the financial risks involved in film production. With budgets often running into millions of dollars, these studios are under immense pressure to deliver films that will be a surefire hit with audiences. This often results in a ‘play it safe’ approach, with studios sticking to tried-and-tested formulas and shying away from taking risks with their storytelling.

On the other hand, independent filmmakers, like Brooks, are not bound by these financial constraints. They have the freedom to experiment with their storytelling, often resulting in films that are unique and innovative. “Wrecker” is a prime example of this, with its unconventional plot and daring narrative choices.

Brooks’ film is a breath of fresh air in an industry that often prioritizes commercial success over creative innovation. It serves as a reminder that cinema is an art form, one that should be used to challenge, provoke, and inspire audiences.

The success of “Wrecker” and other independent films like it is a testament to the power of creative storytelling. It proves that audiences are ready and willing to embrace films that break away from the norm and offer something different.

While big Hollywood studios may have the financial muscle, it is the independent filmmakers who are truly pushing the boundaries of cinema. With their ability to take risks and their commitment to creative storytelling, they are redefining what it means to make a film. And as “Wrecker” shows, the results can be truly spectacular.

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