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Temple Trolley – Sensory Playground Equipment

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Temple Grandin unveils an inclusive piece of sensory playground equipment for those on the Autism Spectrum.

Different…Not Less.”

— Dr. Temple Grandin

VERONA, WI, USA, December 1, 2023 / — Everyone deserves to play and feel included in your community. Commercial Recreation Specialists highlights the Temple Trolley to celebrate all abilities! The Temple Trolley, created by Play & Park Structures in collaboration with Dr. Temple Grandin, is a free-standing piece of sensory playground equipment for those on the Autism Spectrum and neurodivergent.

How does the Temple Trolley help those on the Autism Spectrum and neurodivergent?
The Temple Trolley is a free-standing, inclusive piece of sensory playground equipment designed to provide sensory relief to those on the Autism spectrum. While you glide from one end to the other, the unique swivel carriage offers 360° of excitement. What’s more, this “free-spinning” motion can provide relief to those on the Autism spectrum by reducing sensory strain – with laughter as a common side effect!

What else does the Temple Trolley offer?
-Precision track engineered for a smooth experience
-Flexible strap seat with snug yet accommodating fit
-Launch pads on both ends provides easy access to the strap seat
-Inclined track ends help provide rider momentum at either end of the ride
-Available in 34’ or 49’ ride lengths
-Can be installed on level ground with no embankments needed
-Inclusive Made-For-Me seat (optional) is available for full body support

Who is Dr. Temple Grandin?
As a world-renowned Autism advocate, Dr. Temple Grandin is also a noted author and inventor who created this unique track ride with those on the Autism spectrum in mind.

What is her experience with sensory playground equipment?
Inspired by a mechanism her school made from old barn tracks when she was young, Dr. Temple Grandin collaborated with PPS to craft the Temple Trolley. In fact, her “Different…Not Less,” mantra aligned with Play and Park Structures’ mission. So, they partnered with Temple to help scientifically design equipment that catered to the unique needs of our youth.

How can I add a Temple Trolley to my site?
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CRS celebrates all abilities by highlighting the Temple Trolley by PPS and Temple Grandin

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