Illinois Gambling Debate Marred By Dubious Claims
Illinois Gambling Debate Marred By Dubious Claims

Closely monitoring gambling initiatives in states across the U.S., CFG has taken particular note of the current battle in Illinois, where Gov. Pritzker proposed a tax increase on legal sports betting from 15% to 35%. This measure is aggressively opposed by the Sports Betting Alliance (SBA), comprised of Fanatics, Draft Kings, FanDuel (Flutter), and BetMGM (Entain).

SBA has lobbied against Gov. Pritzker’s proposed tax increase under the messaging banner “Why It Matters,” but has not substantiated its claims. SBA claims to have demonstrated public support for its agenda, but CFG believes signatures of support were collected under false pretenses. 

The chart accompanying this release demonstrates that New York’s higher tax rate has not affected hold, which would shift if odds shifted. This is a direct refutation of SBA’s claim that higher taxes would lead to worse odds for players.  

For a data-driven refutation of SBA’s claims, please visit:

“It’s no feat of strength to push a fantastical narrative, then collect signatures and proclaim a mandate,” said CFG founder and funder Derek Webb. “Global gambling conglomerates are expert at positioning sports betting as a foot in the door before the real floodgates inevitably open. Sports betting often serves as a gateway to slots and table games down the line, because they bring in even more revenue — not to mention harm.” 

“In Britain, there’s been a long history of gambling trade bodies making misleading representations. In fact, one group with shared ties to some SBA members is now defunct after having libeled a reform advocate. CFG is here to urge policymakers and the public to proceed with caution and not rely upon gambling companies who are globally notorious for exaggerating benefits and not owning the harm they create,” Webb added. 

The Campaign for Fairer Gambling (CFG) exists to advance a bipartisan, evidence based gambling reform agenda. CFG will be active across America because the nationwide debate over gambling needs more balance and trustworthy data. For more information, visit or follow @fairergambling on X.

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