For a Greener Planet – An Illustrated Multilingual Children’s Book with a Powerful Message
For a Greener Planet – An Illustrated Multilingual Children’s Book with a Powerful Message

For a Greener Planet
An Illustrated Multilingual Children’s Book with a Powerful Message

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 12, 2023 / — For a Greener Planet!
An Illustrated Multilingual Children’s Book with a Powerful Message

Author Claude Alain Solliard is excited to introduce his latest creation, “Marcelin and Marcy: Two Elephants for a Cleaner World.” This educational children’s book, available in English, Spanish, and French, is designed to captivate young hearts and minds while instilling the importance of environmental responsibility.

“Marcelin and Marcy” is a beautifully illustrated children’s book filled with engaging content and coloring pages, making it a perfect companion for young readers. The story follows Marcelin and Marcy, two charming elephants on their journey to clean up the planet. They face the painful fact that humans are the root cause of environmental degradation along the route. Young readers are encouraged to ponder on the importance of protecting the natural environment via their excursions.

Marcelin and Marcy is an educational children’s book that is a wonderful resource for parents, educators, grandparents, and, most importantly, children.

Claude Alain Solliard, born in Savièse, Valais, Switzerland, adds to his stories a distinct heritage. Solliard’s numerous experiences, including an apprenticeship as a cook in Switzerland and a transfer to the United States, where he owned and operated multiple restaurants, have surely influenced his writing.

Solliard’s motivation for writing this book was clear: to address the growing concern about the deterioration of our environment. He has witnessed firsthand the increasing litter and pollution on our streets and felt compelled to make a positive change.

When asked who inspired him to write, Claude said that Serge Durka had a significant impact on the writing. He also shared that the book’s target audience is diverse, including parents, educators, grandparents, and children – anybody concerned about the environment and our planet’s future.

“The primary goal of Marcelin and Marcy is to create awareness and instill a sense of responsibility towards nature. It encourages proper disposal of trash and reinforces the importance of environmental preservation in the minds of young readers,” says Claude.

Solliard dedicates this book to his parents, Marcelin and Laurence Solliard, who undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping his values and passion for a cleaner world.

With a Mom’s Choice Awards nomination, Claude Alain Solliard has already garnered fame and acclaim, a tribute to the book’s quality and impact on young readers.

Readers can look forward to more engaging stories from Claude Alain Solliard, including a second volume of Marcelin and Marcy titled “Marcelin and Marcy Visiting Our Continent.” Additionally, a novel titled “An American Journey” is in the works, alongside “Cooking: True Love, Sex, and Understanding.”

Learn more about Claude Alain Solliard and his works on his website:

Marcelin and Marcy: Two Elephants for a Greener World is now available in a variety of languages, bringing young readers on a fascinating trip that inspires them to take responsibility for our planet and work together to create a cleaner, greener future. Get your copy now and join Marcelin and Marcy on their exciting environmental awareness adventure.

Book title: Marcelin and Marcy: Two Elephants for a Cleaner World

By: Claude Alain Solliard

Hardcover: ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1667835505

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1667835501

About the author:

Claude-Alain Solliard was born and raised in Saviese, Switzerland, and as a young chef came to New York to work at some of the city’s most prestigious restaurants, including Lespinasse, San Domenico, Le Cirque, and Raoul’s. He was also the chef-owner of the famed Le Parker Meridien New York cafe Seppi’s.

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