Famed Publicist Michael Levine Urges Support of Lou Weisbach’s Ultimate Health Mission to Combat Disease
Famed Publicist Michael Levine Urges Support of Lou Weisbach’s Ultimate Health Mission to Combat Disease

Photo of Lou and Ruthie Weisbach taken in the Oval Office at the White House. Photo provided by Lou Weisbach.

Dear America, Mission Possible: Prevention and Cures Start Now

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, March 21, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Renowned publicist Michael Levine (www.BoundlessMediaUSA.com) has thrown his weight behind a groundbreaking initiative to revolutionize disease prevention and cure efforts across America. In an open letter addressed to the nation, Lou Weisbach, Co-founder of The American Center for Cures, alongside Dr. Rick Boxer, underscores the urgency of this mission and calls for widespread support from all sectors of society.

“We commend the extraordinary work of researchers worldwide and their commitment to delivering cures. However, a systemic issue exists within the medical use authorization and approval process, and it delays getting cures into the hands of the people who need them now,” states Weisbach.

The American Center for Cures aims to establish fully funded private-sector missions dedicated to preventing and curing the most devastating diseases, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, various forms of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and orphan diseases. With a vision to assemble the most successful CEOs in America to lead individual centers focused on these diseases, each center will receive $36 billion in funding.

“DISEASE is the SINGLE issue that’s common to EVERY American and citizen of the world. Black or white, Democrat or Republican, rich or poor, our lack of effectively and aggressively UNITING behind a real solution is unacceptable. With AI and technologies Now available at unprecedented levels the TIME is NOW. We can all agree that our nation has lost it’s ability to UNITE; the ACC provides that opportunity, and off of it’s successes we can once again become the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, show the world how we can work together on behalf of mankind,” Weisbach informs.

Former Secretary of Health Tom Price has endorsed the initiative, stating that the American Center for Cures could rival the most significant achievements in American history. Moreover, Dr. Rick Boxer’s recent appointment to the National Cancer Advisory Board by President Biden underscores the critical need for action on this front.

“We need your voice and skills now more than ever,” emphasizes Weisbach.

The American Center for Cures is not just proposing a solution but demanding action. By providing mission, funding, responsibility, accountability, and leadership, the initiative seeks to restructure and expedite fundamentally bringing cures to the market. Leveraging technological advancements and a sense of urgency, the American Center for Cures aims to emulate the success of the COVID-19 vaccine approval process, ensuring that new cures and treatments reach patients swiftly and efficiently.

“We believe that now is the time to harness our global technological advances to establish a process and urgency that will bring these pieces together for the betterment of humanity. By acting today, we can create a lasting legacy in the fight against disease,” concludes Weisbach.

About The American Center for Cures:

The American Center for Cures is a pioneering initiative founded by Lou Weisbach and Dr. Rick Boxer, dedicated to revolutionizing disease prevention and cure efforts across America. With a focus on collaboration, accountability, and urgency, the center aims to drive significant advancements in medical research, bring prevention and cures to patients worldwide, and end needless suffering for them and their families as well.

For more information on Lou Weisbach and The American Center for Cures, click here: https://theamericancenterforcures.org/

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