Divorce-Online Publishes New Article on Prenuptial Agreements in Response to the Growing Trend of UK Couples Entering Prenups
Divorce-Online Publishes New Article on Prenuptial Agreements in Response to the Growing Trend of UK Couples Entering Prenups

Swindon, England – Divorce-Online, the UK’s original and highly trusted online divorce service, is proud to announce it has recently published a new article on the comprehensive blog on its website designed to offer all the information needed for couples considering prenuptial agreements.

With a recent increase in the number of prenup applications in 2023 compared to 2022, Divorce-Online hopes its new article demystifies the process, cost, and legality of prenuptial agreements while additionally showing the range of benefits the agreement offers couples as well as what is included, such as debts, property, pensions, and inheritance.

“We wanted to create an in-depth resource in response to the growing number of couples in the UK who are entering prenups after recent cases in the EWHC (English & Welsh High Court) have enforced and upheld prenups,” said a spokesperson for Divorce-Online. “The importance of being informed has also been particularly highlighted in the recent case of MN v AN [2023] EWHC 613 (Fam), where Mr Justice Moor delivered a judgment that reinforces the English court’s commitment to upholding valid prenuptial agreements. This landmark decision highlights the importance of carefully crafted prenuptial agreements, shedding light on the court’s approach when faced with challenges during divorce proceedings.”

A pre-nuptial agreement is a legal contract signed by a couple before marriage that determines how the assets (property and financial responsibilities) would be split in the event of a divorce. It helps remove the ‘who gets what’ question that can often be decided by a Judge in lengthy court battles. This gives both parties certainty over their financial future should the marriage break down.

In the UK, a prenuptial agreement can give couples a level of assurance against the possibility of divorce. A prenup can protect parties’ pre-marriage assets, family businesses, future inheritances, and even family commitments to children from previous relationships. A Prenup is designed to protect each person’s assets and financial interests should the marriage break down and, in doing so, help couples avoid costly court battles over financial disputes.

These agreements can cover various financial and practical aspects of a marriage. While they offer some flexibility, the agreements must comply with UK law and remain fair to both parties. Some of the common elements that have been outlined in Divorce-Online’s new article that can be included in a prenup agreement include:

Debts: This can include credit card debt, student loans, and other types of debt that either spouse may have. The prenup should outline who will be responsible for paying off these debts after separation.

Property: Property clauses are very common in Prenups. Whether that is establishing what is to happen to the marital home or if one spouse wishes to keep a property they own separately.

Maintenance: Addressing spousal and children’s support, including whether or not it will be settled, and the amount of aid given, is worth including in a prenup.

Personal Property: This covers Art, jewellery, and other items. Personal property or belongings can be kept with the owner and not shared with their husband or wife.

Bank Accounts: Prenuptial agreements can address joint bank accounts and how these will be handled in case of separation. Parties can also use a nuptial agreement to protect their income or savings.

Business Interests: A prenup can include provisions for the division of business assets and restrictions on the sale or transfer of those assets.

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