– The Future of Community Management Begins – The Future of Community Management Begins

John-Fabian Peters

Groundbreaking Meta-Community Platform designed for the gaming industry, their administrators and all private community managers

NICOSIA, CYPRUS, February 14, 2024 / — unveils a Meta-Community platform that will community management forever. This innovative platform promises a new experience for designing and managing online communities, offering countless opportunities for users worldwide.

With, users can effortlessly create public, private, and secret communities, invite members, and exchange content securely – all within an encrypted environment.

At the core of lies the belief that a social network doesn’t need to rely on data collection and sales to be successful. Instead, operates on a minimal fee for community management and provides access to innovative features like the Broadcast function.

The transparent financial system allows users to transfer funds between their personal user wallets and the CMTY Wallet. Community operators can withdraw up to 15% of their balance every 30 days, actively participating in their community’s success.

In contrast to other platforms, focuses on curating high-quality content and generating revenue rather than marketing personal identities.

An exemplary scenario illustrates the potential: In Community XY with 1000 members and a monthly membership fee of €2.99, administrators can earn €450 in the first month alone. empowers anyone to create their own community and generate revenue, while the 15% cap prevents fraud and promotes community quality.

The platform will cover a wide range of online community topics, including technology, art, gaming, travel, health, music, environmental protection, fashion, politics, and much more. The Power of Administrators

Administrators are the driving force behind a community. They not only bring people together and foster engagement but are also crucial for the community’s financial support. With, administrators receive an all-in-one tool to effectively manage and promote their communities.

The leadership team around the founder John Fabian Peters has been enriched by the collaboration with Co-Founder Joseph, one of Cyprus’s top Ethical Hackers.

The potential of the market is vast, with online communities becoming increasingly central to how people connect, share information, and collaborate. Millions of people worldwide are actively engaging in online platforms, and experts predict that by 2025, over 3 billion people globally will regularly participate in online communities. This immense user base offers a tremendous market for platforms like, which aim to revolutionize community management and meet the needs of the continuously growing online community.

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