Captivating Historical Romance “The Anstruther Lass” with Intrigue and Passion by Vivien Carmichael
Captivating Historical Romance “The Anstruther Lass” with Intrigue and Passion by Vivien Carmichael

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TOMAH, WISCONSIN, USA, June 24, 2024 / — Embark on a journey back to the bustling Dundee Jute Mills of 1865 with “The Anstruther Lass,” a captivating historical romance. Set against the backdrop of the industrial revolution, this spellbinding tale follows the tumultuous life of Lana, a young widow from Anstruther, as she navigates love, betrayal, and danger in the heart of Scotland.

At the center of the narrative is Lana’s blossoming romance with Stefan, a dashing Dutch sailor and heir to a wealthy jute trading family. As their love ignites amidst the clattering looms of the mill, Lana finds herself entangled in a web of deceit and treachery. Campbell, the cunning mill manager, harbors his own desires for Lana and resorts to desperate measures to eliminate his competition, even enlisting the help of local smugglers. Meanwhile, a serial killer is targeting sailors in Dundee. The smugglers rescue Stefan from this killer and decide not to assassinate him, but instead sell him to the British Navy. After Stefan’s disappearance, Lana is left devastated and pregnant. In a bid to ensure societal acceptance of her child, Moira, Lana’s sister pretends to have given birth to twins. Once Lana resumes her work at the mill, Campbell, the manager, attempts to manipulate her by offering financial support in exchange for her becoming his mistress. Lana firmly declines his proposition, prompting Campbell to turn to Moira for persuasion.

Moira, however, persistently defends Lana’s love for Stefan, leading to a heated confrontation where Campbell reveals his belief in Stefan’s demise, having allegedly paid smugglers to eliminate him. Shocked by this revelation, Moira confronts the smugglers to uncover the truth behind Stefan’s fate.

As tensions rise and secrets unravel, readers are left on the edge of their seats, questioning the fate of Lana and Stefan’s love. Will Stefan return to Lana’s arms, or is he lost forever to the depths of the sea? Can Lana uncover the truth behind Stefan’s disappearance before it’s too late?

About the Author

Vivien Carmichael, born to Scottish parents, spent her formative years in Brighton. She attended Varndean Grammar School for Girls before pursuing a Teachers Training Course. Following a year in Paris, she returned to London where she met her husband, with whom she shares two sons, Nick and James.

Driven by her passion for learning, Vivien later embarked on a journey as a mature student at Brighton University, where she earned a BA (Hons) degree in Library and Information Studies. Her professional path led her to work in various special libraries in London. Vivien’s literary pursuits showcase her versatility and creativity. She has authored two novels spanning across age groups, captivating readers from 8 to 80 years old: “The Skimming Stone” and “The Grail of the Unicorn Planet.” Her latest work, “The Scent of Sin,” delves into the realm of murder mysteries, set amidst the evocative backdrop of an old perfume factory in Hove. With a knack for weaving compelling narratives and a rich imagination, Vivien Carmichael continues to enchant readers with her diverse literary offerings.

The inspiration for “The Anstruther Lass” stemmed from a fascinating visit to Scotland, where Vivien had the opportunity to explore the picturesque town of Anstruther. During her time there, her uncle shared intriguing insights about the town’s history, particularly its connection to the Jute trade and the Dutch influence on its architecture. As they strolled along the quayside, her uncle pointed out the distinctive Dutch-inspired architecture of the houses, a testament to the profound impact of the Jute trade brought by the Dutch to Scotland. This revelation sparked her imagination, igniting the idea for a compelling story. Intrigued by the intersection of history, romance, and mystery, she delved into research, uncovering fascinating details about the era and the intricate web of relationships that characterized life in the Dundee Jute Mills.

Message from the Author:

As well as being an enthralling murder mystery and heartbreaking romance there is also much information about Scotland in 1865, some history about Anstruther, the life for the mill girls and child workers in a jute mill, the police, Christmas in Scotland and the Netherlands, life on board a wooden screw sloop and the perilous journey across the high seas from England to New Zealand and the customs, food and the plight of the Maori race.

Vivien Carmichael recently participated in a Prime Seven Media Spotlight interview with Logan Crawford, where she engaged in a discussion about her latest book, “The Anstruther Lass.” Throughout the interview, she provided insightful answers to a variety of questions, providing readers with a more profound insight into the inspiration and creative journey behind her captivating novel.

Connect with author Vivien Carmichael by visiting her website,, where you can discover the latest updates and explore a wide array of interests, embarking on a delightful journey through her captivating world.

“The Anstruther Lass” is not merely a tale of romance; it is a gripping saga of survival, sacrifice, and the enduring power of love. As Lana’s journey unfolds, readers will be drawn into a rich tapestry of historical detail and vivid characters, each playing their part in a story that will keep them on the edge of their seats until the final page. To grab a copy of this book, just visit or you may click this link

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Love, Survival, and Deception in 1865 Dundee

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