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FDA and EPA-certified HOCL 100% organic, Cannabis Purifacation to elevate your product and save that bottom line.

We are purpose-driven by our passion and love for the plant and the community within the Cannabis industry.”

— Paul Gutierrez

MOKELUMNE HILL, CA, USA, February 14, 2024 / — Grim Life LLC is proud to announce the Full-scale Launch of their proprietary Grim Life Formula designed to Purify, Protect, and Enhance Cannabis plants, flowers, and all Cannabis products made from them. Grim Life LLC has the full support of Arcus Manufacturing in its endeavor to Harness the NebulaOne Ultra-Dry Mist Nebulizer in Cannabis.

This journey of utilizing leading-edge Arcus Manufacturing-based technologies creates new science to achieve the purification and preservation of cannabis flower, thus enhancing the consumer experience of the product. Grim Life LLC Founder and CEO, Paul Gutierrez, has dedicated years to the study of soils and molds that affect cannabis plants and humans. By combining this field experience with the Arcus Manufacturing Nebula One Ultra-Dry Mist Nebulizer, cannabis plant science has been taken to the next level. Mr. Gutierrez also provides environmental consideration to the cultivation to provide maximum efficiency. He considers wind patterns, humidity, temperate, and elevation in how to best service your cultivation. Grim Life Formula works for both indoor and outdoor cultivations.

The Grim Life Formula has an essential role in going beyond the purification process (mold and spore remediation) to elevate your Cannabis Plants. The service will stop all outbreaks and impurities from forming. “The foundation of the science we created wouldn’t exist without what Arcus did in the creation of the NB1 and the lab work on cannabis as well as the remediation time scale for hospitals. We built the formula off of that strength to create an Organic Purification process for Cannabis.” -Paul Gutierrez

How does this work? The Grim Life Formula uses HOCL, Hypochlorous Acid. The NebulaOne Dry-Mist Nebulizer aerosolizes the HOCL and increases the pH levels to raise the trichomes during the first stages of the drying part of the harvest. This ensures a higher quality product. At the end of the harvest, the Grim Life Formula will have removed the impurities from the flower, and enhance the consumer experience with a clean terpene profile. Grim Life LLC can do this service at a cost-effective price that will protect the investment of the cultivation.

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