CALLED TO ALL: Billy Bray Shares the Amazing Power of a Yielded Life
CALLED TO ALL: Billy Bray Shares the Amazing Power of a Yielded Life

Answering a Divine Call: New book tells how the Billy Bray journey began!

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2023 / — Westbow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson/Zondervan, is issuing a re-release of Billy Bray’s first-person memoir on how to discover the power of a yielded life. The inspirational bestseller is available through bookstores for Christmas or by mail order for $13.95 each from the Yielded Life League, PO Box 6511, Charlottesville, VA 22906.

The book, Called to All, tells how a teenage Billy Bray – marked by a go-for-broke passion to obey the call of God – gives up school, career, his high school sweetheart, family, home, and marriage to travel overseas as a foreign correspondent during the Vietnam War years.

The book tells how, as a cub reporter, he embarked on a life-altering quest to follow the voice of God wherever it would lead. In this powerful and inspiring autobiography, Bray shares his teenage struggle with the Holy Spirit and personal journey toward embracing the divine call; obeying a midnight visitation from God that eventually transformed his life.

The narrative unfolds the compelling story of how a young student sacrificed, surrendered, and travels abroad without a clue of where that obedience will take him.

It tells how he makes a difference in the world as a journalist, war correspondent, and Christian activist. His quest takes him to Europe, the Middle East, India, Iran and finally to Southeast Asia where he headquarters in Bangkok to cover the Vietnam War – and later moves to Bangladesh in 1971 during the blood-chilling war for liberation there.

Throughout his writing career, Billy Bray has been a trusted collaborator, editor, and journalist with many Christian radicals like the late George Verwer, working with local activists who also answer a mysterious, supernatural call on their lives. He has dedicated his life to telling their stories and illuminating their passions for the mission. His extensive travels, spanning over 55 countries, have focused on international leaders, movements, and organizations that are reshaping the destinies of cultures, nations, tribes, and tongues.

Currently based in Charlottesville, Virginia, Billy Bray serves as the Chairman of the Overseas Students Mission at the University of Virginia. From Charlottesville, he works with his wife Ivy to serve the needs of indigenous leaders in the most needy places like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Burma, China, India, Israel, Lebanon, Nagaland, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Thailand.

Billy Bray has previously collaborated with K.P. Yohannan of Gospel for Asia to co-author three bestselling books on Christian missions, The Coming Revolution in World Missions, The Road to Reality and Why the World Waits. All were originally published by Creation House in Lake Mary, Florida. Altogether he has edited or helped publish 12 inspirational books.

Bray is currently working on developing a new personal author website, but more information can be found about his present ministries at the Christian Information Service, Inc. a news media ministry he first formed in Thailand, 1967.

In August 2023, Christian Information Service officially celebrated 56 years of service, but the organization has roots dating back even earlier than that. CIS began in Chicago’s South Side in 1965 – but still seeks to concentrate support services abroad where the greatest needs exist.

Among the more well-known missions which Bray served through CIS in the United States and overseas are: Campus Crusade for Christ, CBN/700 Club, Christian Aid, Ultreya USA, DaySpring International, Gospel for Asia, Here’s Life America, Here’s Life Inner City, Light Bearers International, Nora Lam Ministries, Overseas Students Mission, Peace for the Persecuted, The Salvation Army, World Children’s Fund and World Vision International.

Then, in 1988 when Bill and Ivy Bray moved to Dallas, CIS began to expand overseas again to the unreached peoples of the world as well as serve local churches at home.

However, for the first 56 years, CIS has looked relentlessly outward to helping others. Billy Bray thanks God for past victories but now wants to do more to meet the demands of a new century. “We need to recruit more home staff and expanding facilities in the USA,” he says gleefully, “and keep growing till Jesus Christ returns.”

CIS believes in full financial accountability and is governed by a board of dedicated clergy and lay leaders. It is supported through a combination of gifts from churches and individuals plus contributions from the missions served. Go to for an annual report.

Billy Bray’s dedication to indigenous leaders has inspired him to promote native outreach instead of foreign missions. His burning desire to empower these leaders to heed Christ’s call and become disciples, thereby transforming their families, cultures, and nations. This is the driving force of his missionary efforts in the decade ahead.

At its core, Called to All delivers a resounding message that God can inspire and empower anyone to be a transformative force in their generation – if they submit themselves to His divine will.

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