Bridging Divides and Unveiling Hidden Stories from Iraq
Bridging Divides and Unveiling Hidden Stories from Iraq

964media: Redefining Iraqi Journalism with Authentic, In-Depth Reporting from Across Iraq

Our reporters are not just observers; they are storytellers who live and breathe the communities they report from”

— Hiwa Osman, Director General

BAGHDAD, IRAQ, December 29, 2023 / — 964media, an innovative news network named after Iraq’s country code, is redefining journalism in Iraq and capturing the attention of global audiences. With its symbolic name, 964media stands as a unifying factor in a country marred by conflict and rich in diversity and history. This network is pioneering in its approach to storytelling and in its commitment to reach where others don’t.

“The name ‘964media’ is derived from the country dialling code, a statement of unity in diversity,” remarks Hiwa Osman, the director general of 964media. “It reflects our commitment to bring together the myriad voices of Iraq, telling stories that resonate across divides.”

Setting itself apart, 964media has deployed nearly 100 reporters across Iraq, many stationed in regions typically overlooked by mainstream media. This presence in remote and often underreported areas allows 964media to offer unique insights and narratives that are absent from the global media landscape.

One such story, recently published on, highlights the life of a small community in the marshes of southern Iraq, revealing how they balance traditional lifestyles with modern challenges. Another compelling report from a Kurdish village in the north uncovers the impact of climate change on local agriculture, showcasing 964media’s dedication to bringing global issues to a local context.

These stories exemplify 964media’s commitment to ethical journalism and its focus on impact-driven reporting. In an era where misinformation is prevalent, 964media stands as a beacon of trustworthy and reliable journalism. Upholding the highest ethical and professional standards, every story published is meticulously fact-checked and edited.

“Our reporters are not just observers; they are storytellers who live and breathe the communities they report from,” says Hiwa Osman. “This enables us to bring forth narratives that are not only authentic but also deeply impactful.”

964media’s influence extends beyond the borders of Iraq. The network’s focus on issues like entrepreneurship and environmental challenges aligns with global concerns, making its stories relevant and engaging for an international audience.

The network’s approach to political reporting is particularly noteworthy. Rather than simply conveying information, 964media focuses on the impact of political events on the lives of everyday Iraqis. This method not only informs but also educates its audience, fostering a more engaged and informed society.

As 964media continues to break new ground in journalism, it invites global partners and audiences to explore the rich tapestry of Iraqi life through its lens. This is an invitation to witness a narrative of Iraq that is rooted in unity, resilience, and progress.

About 964media
Based in Iraq, 964media is a new digital platform that provides news and information in English, Arabic and Kurdish with over 100 reporters around the country. Named after the country’s international dialling code, the network aims to bring unity through telling the stories of ordinary Iraqis from all walks of life.

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