Blood of Tyrants open-sources its new energy tea, Liquid Freedom, from Oct 2023

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2023 / — Blood of Tyrants, a leading name in the wine industry, announces the launch of its latest creation, Liquid Freedom. Crafted with passion to support Blood of Tyrant’s ideology of anti-tyranny, Liquid Freedom is set to captivate taste buds and revolutionize the beverage experience for consumers.

Key highlights of Liquid Freedom include:

– Natural ingredients: Liquid Freedom boasts a 0 sugar and an all-natural ingredient list. There are no artificial ingredients in this energy tea.

– The power of Yerba Mate: Liquid Freedom includes Yerba Mate that packs 100mg of caffeine without the jitters or crash of traditional energy drinks.

More than just a beverage, Liquid Freedom embodies a commitment to supporting people who love their freedom, making it the choice for consumers who want to sip with purpose. Blood of Tyrants has chosen to release the formula for Liquid Freedom to set a new bar for transparency within the food and beverage space. It should be seen as an act of tyranny for other companies to claim they are nourishing millions of people around the world while keeping them in the dark about the toxic and addictive chemicals that go into them.

The Liquid Freedom Recipe is available here:

Liquid Freedom is available at select retailers in Austin, TX, Rhode Island, and online platforms starting October 2023. Join us in celebrating this momentous occasion and savor the refreshing taste of Liquid Freedom.

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About Blood of Tyrants:

Blood of Tyrants is a renowned name in the beverage industry, dedicated to crafting high-quality and socially aware beverages that spark conversations. With a commitment to stimulating discussions and a passion for flavor, Blood of Tyrants continues to push the boundaries of beverage innovation.

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