Bilan Liu unveiling  XYG Window: A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Blian Liu

Bilan Liu

Bilan Liu

Bilan Liu

Bilan Liu

Celebrating Ancient Chinese Heritage with Modern Design. Experience the Vision of Bilan Liu in Bridging Centuries with Contemporary Creativity

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, March 22, 2024 / — In a world where digital innovation is mostly celebrated, the Visual Identity of XYG Window becomes a symbol of respect for tradition and serves as a reminder of the power of design that is timeless and universal. Developed by a team headed by Bilan Liu, an awesome Product Interaction Designer, the XYG Window project combines the ancient Chinese artistry with modern design ideas; thus it revives the old artwork from days gone by.

The window graphic design of XYG Window highlights the fusion of tradition and modernity that creates a harmonious blend of the past and the present, which will be experienced by global audiences. Every detail meticulously is taken care of and the cultural traditions are appreciated without any compromise by XYG Window to make the emotional response to any person watching it profound. Through a smooth combination of historical legacy and modern style, XYG Window proves that design actually has no boundaries, but rather it speaks a universal language that touches people on a profound level.

The inspiration for creating the XYG Window Visual Identity emerged from a deep appreciation and fascination with the rich tapestry of Chinese cultural heritage, particularly the ancient literati seal font and the intricate window designs found in Suzhou’s classical gardens. These elements are not just artistic expressions; they are storied symbols that carry centuries of history, philosophy, and aesthetic principles intrinsic to Chinese culture.

Bilan Liu, the main force behind the project, has a lot of experience and a very strong commitment. What is significant about Bilan is a master’s degree in Interactive Design at the California College of the Arts. Her career to do with design has been driven by the belief that the boundaries of the design field should be pushed further and further and that the conventions should be challenged. Her diverse experience includes positions at popular entities such as Yahoo, Tencent, and Fisker, where she perfected the art of building customer-centered digital interfaces with ease of use and great responsiveness.

Yet, it is not only the creative touch that makes Bilan’s work stand out, but her unyielding and steely resolve to tackle societal issues via design. A broad portfolio that includes Fortune 500 companies, startups, and nonprofits is the hallmark of her career. Throughout these years, she has always considered her talent as a formidable power for good in the world. Whether it is in the process of designing visually accessible user interfaces for the blind and the visually challenged or creating interactive experiences that promote cultural understanding, empathy and purpose always underlie everything that Bilan does.

For Bilan, the XYG Window project was not simply another design course; rather, it was about fusing her great love for design with her profound fascination with Chinese culture. From the intricate character depth to the unique incorporation of classic design elements into a modern digital interface, every facet of the project was engrossed in the creative force and care of Bilan.

As a leading designer, Bilan’s function was far wider than just the usual design limits. Besides the overall visual identity of the project, her work at the website was crucial in making every interaction not only visually pleasing but also well thought-out to allow users to have a truly immersive experience.

However, her participation in the project appears to have been the most interesting thing about it, through which it evoked emotional responses from its audience. During a feedback session, an old man who was stirred by the design shared memories of his youthhood and expressed his thanks for the fact that old memories were brought back to life. Though she had not known her own grandfather, when she saw the old man’s reaction to the work of art, she realized how profoundly design could bring people together from different generations and cultures.

As Bilan turns her eyes to the future, her focus on designing for social good remains as utmost priority. The essence of the XYG Window Visual Identity project continues to conquer the new reaches of innovation while retaining the core human values, such as empathy, cultural understanding, and human connection.

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