Author Virginia E. Mathis Releases Groundbreaking Book, “Unseen Chains Slavery Left Behind”

Breaking the Shackles of the Past, Embracing a Future of Unity and Healing

UNITED STATES, November 28, 2023 / — Virginia E. Mathis, a distinguished Pastoral Counselor, Chaplain, Life Coach, and author, has unveiled her latest work, “Unseen Chains Slavery Left Behind.” In this compelling and thought-provoking book, Mathis addresses the enduring impact of racism and offers a path to healing and restoration for individuals, families, and communities.

“Unseen Chains Slavery Left Behind” delves into the lingering effects of slavery on the African American community and, by extension, the entire human race. Although slavery officially ended, Mathis argues that the heart of racism persists globally. The principles revealed in the book are universal, applicable to various forms of prejudice and injustice. Mathis contends that each person has a personal responsibility to recognize their role in the broader family of humanity, fostering healing that ripples through families, communities, and nations in crisis.

The book emphasizes that readers hold more than just a book; they possess choices capable of altering their life stories and contributing to changing history one step at a time.

Virginia E. Mathis is a seasoned Pastoral Counselor, Chaplain, Life Coach, and the founder of Plain Path Solutions—a prophetic scribal and Biblical teaching ministry. She is also the visionary behind God & Girlfriends, a women’s empowerment ministry focused on counseling, coaching, and mentoring. Mathis is a sought-after speaker on leadership development, church management, organization, and racial healing and restoration. With a passion for addressing current events, women’s issues, domestic violence, and racial healing, Mathis brings a unique perspective to her work. Her other accomplishments include writing magazine articles and developing various Biblical teaching and training manuals.

“I saw the pain.” Mathis shares that her personal healing journey concerning prejudice and racial issues began in 1983 when she joined a multicultural church. Living among different cultures, especially the African American community, provided her with insights into the pain of racial injustice. Over her 40-year journey, Mathis has lived and worked closely with the African American race, prompting her to address the challenges faced by the community.

The author’s engagement with racial discussions during seminary led her to take up the challenge of bringing solutions. “Unseen Chains” is a response to that challenge, urging both sides in the racial divide to come to the table and become partners in the healing and restoration of a culture and a nation in crisis.

“Pain is a universal language that all people understand,” says Mathis. The book emphasizes the universal nature of pain and explores how individual struggles can lead to the formation of unseen chains in the soul. These chains, affecting the mind, will, and emotions, can shape behaviors, mindsets, beliefs, and values—both positive and negative.

“We are our brother’s keeper!” Mathis declares, pointing out the generational cycles of racism that continue to impact African American lives and dismantle family structures. “Unseen Chains” provides a roadmap for individual healing and restoration to families, fostering crucial conversations that empower both sides to work collaboratively toward a more harmonious society.

“Unseen Chains Slavery Left Behind” is now available for purchase at major bookstores and online retailers.

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