Attain Online Japanese Language School Releases Spring 2024 Enrollment Information Session Video

Attain Online Japanese School Information Session for Spring Semester 2024! Apply by March 12!

Attain Online Japanese Language School Holds Second Information Session on March 9.

Spring semester 2024 admission special offer

Spring semester 2024 admission special offer

AOJ Language School releases the content of its information sessions to learners who are considering enrolling for the spring semester of 2024 on YouTube.

CHIYODA, TOKYO, JAPAN, March 5, 2024 / — The Online Japanese Language School “Attain Online Japanese (AOJ) Language School”, operated by Attain Corporation, has started distributing the content of its information sessions to Japanese language learners who are considering enrolling for the spring semester of 2024 on YouTube. The explanation is conducted in English. These sessions are conducted in English and are in response to the surge in applications and inquiries from global candidates just ahead of the application deadline. The deadline for admission is March 12, Japan time.

Video here:

Attain Online Japanese Language School is an online Japanese language school established by Attain, which has over 200,000 students on Udemy, an online platform in the U.S. In addition to recorded video classes available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the school also offers live classes twice a week. In addition, the school offers small class sizes, private lessons, and other learning support tailored to individual levels and needs to help students improve their Japanese language skills.

The school has been conducting online information sessions for prospective students in preparation for the opening of the Spring 2024 semester. The information sessions have been held at different times to take into account time zones around the world. The second online school information session is scheduled to be held on March 9 at 11:00 AM Japan time.

However, addressing all time zones and accommodating students’ diverse needs with only two information sessions poses a challenge. The school has received feedback from prospective students unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts or those seeking a slower-paced explanation, particularly non-native English speakers. Consequently, the school opted to release a YouTube video of the initial information session to broaden accessibility and allow more individuals to experience the allure and ambiance of AOJ Language School.

In the video, the school explains about AOJ Language School, its curriculum, school schedule, course outline, enrollment information and enrollment campaign. They will also answer questions directly from participants at the information session. Those who watch the information session video are always welcome to ask questions via e-mail or inquiry form posted on our website.

Please refer to their website for detailed information and application for admission. Requests for information materials and questions about the school can also be made through the website.

<Video of the information meeting>

Please refer to the website for questions and detailed information on admission.

■ Online School Information Sessions
・2nd Information Session:
11:00-12:00 March 9 (Japan Time)

Reserve your spot:
[email protected]

Event Format: Zoom (Zoom URL will be provided to registered participants before the event)
Language: English
Agenda: Overview of AOJ Language School, Curriculum & Course details, Enrollment Information

<About Spring Semester 2024>
Courses offered:
・i-class (for beginners and N5 elementary level study)
・ro-class (for N4 elementary level study)
・ha-class (for N3 intermediate level study)
・ni-class (for N2 intermediate to advanced level study)
・ho-class (for N1 advanced level study)

Where to Apply:
Application deadline: March 12, 2024, Japan time
Enrollment date: April 1, 2024 – Japan Time

Click here for application guidelines

<Spring Semester 2024 Enrollment Promotion>
They are running a special offer of up to 2 months free tuition for those who apply for admission by the application deadline.

・No enrollment fee.
・Free first month for all new students who enroll to Spring Semester
・Another month of tuition will be cashed back to you if you study to the end of the semester.
・Full JLPT N2 passing support for all students.

For more details, click here!


・Tuition Fee: ¥14,000 per month (around 93USD)

・Payment Methods:
PayPal: Monthly Subscription
Bank Transfer: One-time payment for one semester tuition (6 months)
Credit Card: One-time payment for one semester tuition (6 months)

Note: Tuition fees will be revised from the fall semester of 2024.
Before Revision (until 2024 Spring Semester): ¥14,000 per month
After Revision (from 2024 Fall Semester): ¥15,000 per month
(The above amounts include live class fees, on-demand class fees, and system usage fees)

Live Class Schedule: (Japan Time)
Every Wednesday and Saturday
(Note: Depending on the number of applicants, there may be additional classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.)

– Attain Online Japanese (AOJ) Language School is a Japanese-language school for study online.
– Live and video lectures give students access to high-quality Japanese learning from anywhere in the world.
– Full support to pass JLPT N2. Even if students start learning as beginners, they can acquire JLPT N2-level Japanese in a minimum period of 2 years. Attain will fully support students until they pass JLPT N2.
– Live lectures by talented teachers who are qualified as Japanese-language instructors will make learning Japanese more fun and engaging. Each live lecture is to be given in a small group. Students can participate in classes anywhere via internet connection. Students can access recorded lectures even if absent from live ones.
– It is a place where students can meet Japanese learners from all over the world. They can also interact with others of different cultures through the learning of Japanese.
– It supports all Japanese-language levels. Students can choose the level of Japanese class that suits them.
– AOJ Language School provides high-quality Japanese learning to those who want to learn Japanese all over the world. Attain does not require any admission fee to make it easier to continue studying and students can choose to pay the tuition fee monthly.
– Attain has a consultation desk to support studying and working in Japan.

Takaomi Fukushima
AOJ Language School Administration Office
Attain Corporation
Tel: +81-3-5297-8001
Email: [email protected]
Head Office: Nitten-Kanda Bldg. 17, Kanda-higashi-matsushita-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0042, Japan

Takaomi Fukushima
Attain corporation
+81 -3-5297-8001
email us here
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Attain Online Japanese School Information Session for Spring Semester 2024! Apply by March 12!

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