After 350 podcast interviews, host launches course to teach entrepreneurs how to turn listeners into leads

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Jim James, Author.

Jim James, Author.

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Podcast Course Teaches Entrepreneurs to Generate Leads from Podcast Appearances.

“The Podcast Guest Blueprint delivers the skills that entrepreneurs need to turn podcast listeners into leads.” says James.”

— Jim James

BATH, BANES, UK, January 25, 2024 / — The host of The UnNoticed Entrepreneur podcast has launched the first course to train entrepreneurs to use their appearances as part of their sales and marketing strategy. As a US$11bn industry, the medium of podcasts has become mainstream and professional. It represents a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect with new audiences to build their brands and stimulate sales. The Podcast Guest Blueprint is a comprehensive online course to prepare business owners to perform as well in the studio as they would in the room with the audience.

Jim James, Founder of UnNoticed Ventures and Host of the UnNoticed Entrepreneur podcast and Bath Radio live show, officially announced the launch of this innovative program aimed at entrepreneurs, authors, and subject matter experts. James has interviewed over 350 entrepreneurs, ranking his podcast in the top 3% of podcasts worldwide. He has authored two books under the same UnNoticed Entrepreneur brand, which Wiley publishes (NYSE: WLY) under the Capstone brand. James started and ran an international public relations group headquartered in Singapore from 1995 – 2019 and provided extensive media training to senior executives of multinational clients.

“This course aims to teach the entrepreneur how to build a rapport with the podcast listener as if they were in the room together. Podcasts create amazing levels of intimacy and engagement, but poor technology setup and lack of interview techniques are holding entrepreneurs back from making the most of those moments on the mic. This course solves those problems and shows ways to make offers to the audience so that listeners can become leads. ” said James.

In 2023, the global podcasting market accounted for USD 27.3 billion and is expected to reach around USD 133.9 billion in 2032*1. with over 4.25 million podcasts registered. In a study produced by Acast, “43% of US podcast listeners said they were more likely to buy a product or service after hearing a podcast host promote it.” *2 As podcasts have become part of mainstream media, entrepreneurs being pitched to podcast hosts as guests need to be trained on how to approach the interview before, during and after the event. Corporate CEO’s receive media training, and this is the first course of it’s kind to address the skills needed by entrepreneurs using interviews for brand building and sales development.

The mobile and web-accessible course offers each stage of podcast guesting. It introduces essential aspects like technical setup, finding and pitching podcasts, mastering interview techniques, podcast follow-up, and calls to action, and how to use AI to repurpose content. The course has 14 modules and contains videos, downloads and templates for the student. Hosted on Trainer Central, a division of ZOHO Corporation, it is available on web and mobile apps.

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