Lesante Cape Unveils Culinary Journey Led by Chef Stavros Yfantidis
Lesante Cape Unveils Culinary Journey Led by Chef Stavros Yfantidis

Lesante Cape in Zakynthos

The latest venture of the Lesante Collection in Zakynthos puts taste at the top of the menu with a new, award-winning chef.

GREECE, April 2, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Lesante Cape Unveils Culinary Journey Led by Chef Stavros Yfantidis

The latest venture of the Lesante Collection in Zakynthos puts taste at the top of the menu. Drawing inspiration from Greek culinary traditions, the talented chef Stavros Yfantidis takes the reins this year.

Lesante Cape offers guests a thrilling journey through space and time. Located in the east of Zakynthos, in the village of Akrotiri, Lesante Cape is situated in a place of unique beauty and great historical and cultural significance. Once the site of mansions belonging to the island’s nobility, today, Lesante Cape’s 95 suites and villas are scattered across an area designed like a traditional Greek village – with a square, café, taverna, three restaurants, a museum, a small church, and a private beach – awakening the sense of a bygone, more authentic era. The island’s culinary tradition plays a leading role, as it does in the other two hotels of the Lesante family, Lesante Classic and Lesante Blu. For Dionysis Vythoulkas, CEO of Lesante Cape, Zakynthos’s gastronomy is at the heart of its identity, reflecting its history, customs, and local culture. He explains that food is not just about nutrition but something deeper and more important: “Dining is a social activity that connects us with friends and family,” he says. “It offers the opportunity to discover new flavours and traditions, to be inspired by different cuisines, and to appreciate the art of cooking. Thus, food is intertwined with life.”

The Farm-to-Table Philosophy in Its Most Authentic Form

Lesante Cape offers guests “true” flavours that connect Zakynthos’s rich heritage with the spirit of Greek hospitality. Local products are at the forefront, many of them grown in the hotel’s garden (one of the hotel’s highlights). The inspiration for its creation came from Mr. Vythoulkas’s desire to relive the taste memories of his childhood: “I wanted to create a place where guests could enjoy the authentic experience of traditional meals from my childhood,” he says.

He entrusted this year’s journey to Stavros Yfantidis, an exceptionally talented and innovative chef whose notable career in restaurants in Greece and abroad allows him to marry the exceptional raw materials of the Greek landscape with the latest trends of the international culinary scene. Among them, the Michelin-starred Epicure at the Celtic Manor Resort in Wales, Gordon Ramsay’s Petrus restaurant in London, Vendome in Cologne, and the historic The Fat Duck in the United Kingdom, with three Michelin stars and for five consecutive years named the best restaurant in the world by the 50 Best Restaurants Awards. “I like the extravagance and abundance in taste, while at the same time, the dishes I serve have a minimalist approach,” says the chef, whose love of cooking was nurtured by his grandfather, a sailor who spent his life in the kitchens of merchant ships.

The menu he curates for Lesante Cape is deeply evocative of Zakynthos’ unique landscape and characterized by luxury and high gastronomy. Each dish is unique, but if one had to be highlighted, it would be “The Fisherman’s Story,” which can be enjoyed at Fiore, the fine dining restaurant of Lesante Cape, combining traditional kakavia with smoked herring, fresh lemongrass foam, wild grouper, and smoked herring eggs.

Yfantidis aims to create a truly unforgettable taste experience for every visitor. “When someone comes to Lesante Cape, we want them to know the Greek way of life, which includes the way Greeks enjoy food,” he explains. “It is important for us to discover the story that each dish has to tell and to understand how Greek cuisine evolved through the difficulties we faced as a people until today. For me, the taste experience is one of the most important parts of the overall travel experience. It’s an amazing feeling when you try something and know it will be unforgettable. Or when you reminisce about the tastes and look forward to being in the same place again. This is how we want our visitors to feel when they leave Lesante Cape.”

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